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  1. The parcel on bellobas has sold!! = does the happy dance & a few cartwheels = WUUU HUUU!!
  2. heard through the LL grapevine that wondows 10 & the viewers are not completely compatible yet. For now you can downgrade that computer or use a different machine until then.
  3. I want to promote my Employment GROUP...not employment itself...I'm still waiting for a legitamate answer from someone.
  4. I have a question... Which forum catagory do I post on for promoting my Employment group I am going to open? I am quite frustrated with posting job openings on the In-World Employment category & getting contacted by idiots whom just want to play mind games with a serious business owner whom wants to reduce the nonsense.
  5. Here's what I told someone else whom was thinking about doing the same thing: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion/How-is-land-buisiness-today-in-SL/m-p/2879823#M12167
  6. It's still competitive...expensive as hell, frustrating, painfully slow to get anywhere, IF you get anywhere with it at all. But it can be rewarding if things work out. It takes, patience, persistence, dicipline, organization, drive//desire to succeed, etc, & you have to know what you're doing. Not everyone is cut out for this. You have to ask yourself if you & your bankroll are ready for such a challenge. You can start out as an agent working for 1 of the established Estate companies on S L in order to learn some of the grunt work that is involved. Ask a lot of questions.
  7. DarrHorn


    In regard to spliting prims....you cannot portion out specific amounts of prims to a parcel...at least if you're not an estate owner. Whatever prims that get captured during the subdividing is what that parcel will get..
  8. This is commission based only. Each sale you make you will earn a flat cut. We have new condo (or office) & retail rentals available. The hired agent must help acquire 2 residential or office renters & 1 merchant for our retail rental This position is for someone whose experienced in sales, rentals in S L, managing tenants needs, rentals & helping with at least half of the monthly land cost on our primary mainland location. If you are interested in trying out, contact me. I only take in-world replies. I will setup an interview with you asap after you contact me.
  9. Hiring Land Partner for I H I T Y R Rentals & Employment. Must be able & willing to work within the established terms of the job. Must know how land rentals work in S L. Must be verified by Linden Lab. Must be ready & able to help with the cost of acquiring &/or maintaining the land. Your avatar account must be 90 days old or more. Must be in-world often. Stop by to set an interview with DarrHorn Resident today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Money%20Island%203/220/249/21
  10. I H I T Y R is looking to interview & hire a "commission-only" rental agent to help acquire renters for our residential, commercial & in-air platform spots at our primary location. Come to our auxiliary location to get an immediate interview with Darr at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Money%20Island%203/236/255/21
  11. Where is there a tip jar that can be worn & travel with the wearer from sim to sim?
  12. If your card is a prepaid card it will not be accepted because the linden system does not accept those types of cards....I know because I have been through that scenario before not too long ago.
  13. The sim must be connected to other simss to accomodate long drives, so there must be roads there too. NO Mainland NO Homestead NO RP Themes. Need commercial or mixed use zone, Adult rating is ok. Need full managements rights & no limit on structure height or what I can have on the land. No less than 2800 prims & no more 3000 prims. I need something budget-friendly so my dollars can go further & the longer I will use the sim...my budget range is between 15,000L to 17,000L per month. If you have any specials on land I that fir my criteria contact me in-world. I don't monitor this forum much. Thanks.
  14. Are you talking about wanting to rent on mainland or on non-mainland?
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