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  1. Hi, i just wrote in another Thread with the same problem, as i read this thread. I looked at your Bug-Report and klicked watch. I hope they will fix it soon. A lot of people sells stuff at the marketplace only and you cant get it Inworld. Annalena Aljon
  2. Since 2 or 3 weeks I have the same problem. I tried it at several times, with Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera. Allways the same: Open Transaction in progress, Waiting of second life, Did it work for you now? And if, what have you done. 2-3 weeks is a long time and there must be an issue. Anyone else who has the same problems? Annalena Aljon
  3. Hello, since some days we have a lot of troubles with our pay-teleporter-system. After a customer pays the teleporter he couldnt teleport. We have to reset the teleporter, than it works. But the next one who paid it....same trouble. On other sims the teleporter works fine. Server: sim9719.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server Grandfathered Sim We thing maybe its a server-Problem. I ask simowner for a restart. But after the restart same troubles as before. Does anybody else know this or similar problems? We use the Pay-Teleporter from Alicia Stella, one of
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