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  1. Hi Wonder what have happened to a lot of users accounts, as i can read, more and more have the Marketplace problem. Inclusive me. :-( Why dont Linden say anything, something is clear wrong in the Marketplace. Do any have information on what is going on? I also have a Case running, with no help yet. :-( *sigh* --------------------------------------- Log of what i have done with no luck... --------------------------------------- * Clearing all data in Firefox (v. 36.0) Did not help. * Firefox (All Add-ons Off)(all data clear) Did not help. * New Installed, Google Chrome (Version 40.0.2214.115 m) Still no luck, keeps loading and loading. * Removed my PayPal info from Payment method so nothing more there. (Firefox, clear all data) No luck * Testing on my ASUS VivoTab Note 8, Windows 8.1 32bit, Firefox Same no luck. What i do: I login from secondlife.com (Remember me on this computer) and navigate to 'Shopping'>'Marketplace', select a demo item to 0L$, and 'Buy Now'/'Add To Cart' and after clicking 'Place your order' its stops at a page with this address: https://secondlife.com/auth/oid_return.php?redirect=https%3A%2F%2Fcashier.secondlife.com%2F8683208a-b529-804a-617c-c82a86b29779&openid_identifier=https%3A%2F%2Fid.secondlife.com%2Fid%2Fper.draper and this title: OpenId transaction in progress And nothing happens. (waited for 30 minutes) I got my brother to do the same and his order went just fine with no problems. Later we redid a test on the same computer, he can still buy, i cannot. - Per --- EDIT (02-27-2015) --- Okay, so i was told to do a bug report as "Unfortunately, the issue you are reporting can only be resolved by the Second Life Development Team. Please create a bug report so that they can investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible." So i did that: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8642 Well, nothing else to do now i guess, but wait. --- EDIT 2 (05-03-2015) --- Note: My BUG report is a duplicate of "BUG-8513 issue with openID - Marketplace" and that BUG have been Accepted. ( https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8513 ) --- EDIT 3 (05-03-2015) --- I'm now taken to the Second Life Cashier page. Completing both a 'Buy Now' and 'Add To Cart'. So i looks like it works for now. :-D --- EDIT 4 (05-03-2015) --- (Subject title edit from: Something is clear wrong in the Marketplace for some users) Hmm.. Don't know how to mark this as Resolved, nothing here sovled the problem, the devs is the ones that fixed this, so i'm just posting this here. Again, thanks to the devs for repairing this annoying bug. (^_^)b *Thumbs Up* - Per : : : THE END : : :
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