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  1. sorry, it's what that's the issue? it censored it for me for some reason
  2. > Frankly, I would not ever want to return to a parcel where the landowner ejected me for being "too short" (although I am not). If I'm not their kind of people, they're not mine either. 100% agreed. lol thank you everyone for responding. from what i understand, there's nothing that can get her banned, correct? even if someone reports her for creating child avatars with genitals and nipples. is this correct?
  3. so it's more of a region ban thing, less of a grid ban thing? should she not worry about being banned, as the creator of such a short but adult avatar? i can't find anything related to this issue in specific though - would someone be able to show me anything in the rules specific about this, or a linden statement anywhere?
  4. My fiancée is worried. She's making a very short avatar - clearly of adult design, albeit not human - the adult-aged species would top at about 1 metre in height (about 3 and a half feet tall?). She worries she might get banned for it, specifically if someone reports it. Is there anything to either support or ease her worries? Thank you in advance! PS, no idea if i'm posting this in the wrong place. Please let me know!
  5. Eksynn

    Account Name Change?

    at first i was like "yay!" even did a little victory dance in my head but then as i read the article, i was like: wth? so then you'll have to pay real USD to change your name, and it's still limited to some pseudo-randomised list of last names? (→‿ ← ; moreover, you can't pick any of the legacy last names anymore. so much for creative freedom, and this ability being available "for everyone". (=- = ; now, responding to everyone in this thread - in general, thank you for responding, and i apologise for the delayed response to your responses. onto each response then: @Ethan Paslong - i wasn't exactly asking for it, i was asking how it would, in theory, be able to be done; or even how much it would cost us, as well as linden labs to have this feature released. i also had no idea it was in the pipeline, as you put it (and i did look lol - maybe just not hard enough i guess ¯\_('‿ ' )_/¯) thank you for responding though @LittleMe Jewell - thank you for pointing me to the article ^^ it was really helpful, and answered most of my questions.. now we just have to wait and see if it'll really be just real life USD or if they'll accept linden, or if it'll be free somehow, as i'm not premium, nor do i plan to be. i have no way to put real life money into second life, so i have a small store to earn linden the hard way. doing it this way is a real bullet to the gut, and the heart. i honestly hope they reconsider it. @Chic Aeon - thank you for commenting ^^ where is this town hall, and what comment are you talking about?
  6. Eksynn

    Account Name Change?

    How would it be made possible for users to have their usernames changed? would it be free, or a paid feature? We know it's not an impossible feature, so my last question would be.. why is this not a thing? Thanks in advance!
  7. i heart you guys ^- ^ thank you so much for taking your times to respond to this - i'll be sure to keep all of this in mind for when the time comes for me =D (hopefully soon, too... just need to sort out a couple of things lol) also, semi-related, but i'm curious when you guys think is too early or too late to 'pop' the question, or even how long after that would be a generally good time to actually throw the ceremony? just to know you guys' thoughts on this.
  8. nice replies, thank you everyone ^^ i'll ask more questions as i come up with any, or if other people ask stuff. i actually meant to ask 1 in place of 2, and vice versa but that works. and about 4, what about religious holding? assuming the minister is an actual, registered minister - would the church see it as a real wedding, despite the legal holding? i remember reading about it when it happens in movies, when they use real ministers, the church can actually see the actors as really married in the eyes of the church or something. consider Las Vegas as a standing point as well for this question.
  9. so i have a question (or a thousand).. figured i'd open this thread to put up some questions and answers regarding SL weddings. guess i'll get right to it. i'll edit this list as i get more questions asked/answered. 1. what happens if the bride/groom loses connection? 2. what happens if a guest does? 3. how does one start investigating the details on how to have a wedding on sl? 4. is it possible for SL weddings to hold legal ground in RL? (presuming there's a contract) 5. what about from a religious/church standpoint, assuming the couple uses an actual minister? 6. that's that for now. please ask anything in this thread if you're curious about something, but keep it related to the topic please. hopefully someone will come around and answer your question. regardless, i'll put it up if it's a valid question ^^ ~fuyu
  10. might be a good idea to make it a toggle though send me a message if you want me to make one for you. it's really easy ^^ just make sure to get a modifiable ring.
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