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  1. I dont even know why i talk here all of you are not understandable at all ! i call LL direct at least they know what they are talking about they are nice, and understand and dont say stupid comments like babushka what kind of help is that???? you r all know it alls looking to be pinned with points lol silly peeps
  2. Knowing Adobe Flash Player EOL / end of life / date being December 31st 2020, is used by some software in Second Life ? What will the effects be to SL viewer or third party viewers asking for this program to diffuse videos ? or will it make no difference ? Thank you !
  3. After 12 and one half years , i was forced to become a premium member when i suddenly lost my original second chosen name after having it for over three years, the only way to to regain any similar name to it was to become a premium, before the day it dissapeared i tried changing back to it at least five times, with out any succes, it kept going back to my original Second life name that was twelve years old! I sent in ticket after ticket and got tired of waiting for a response after two weeks! I joined Premium, first i must say that I have had full sims and homestead sims almost since i started in SL, i really did not need a Linden home especially one i could hardley ever get too due to incredible lag! all i did was get my name back and that cost me 12 dollars a month! ridiculous, why? when you think that in thirteen years i have spent enough money in sl on bodies , clothing , cars , homes and having close to 100 000 items in inventory, never causing trouble, always building and contributing not only to external virtual worlds such as open sim but to giving away free vehicles in sl, I could have bought my self a real life sports car or a house, !!! and even thoiugh i enjoy every second of sl as a n Honnorary member have had clubs and fish hunts since they began that game, i never ever get any satisfying responses to my problems even when i call by phone and living in europe as an American citizen working ??? WHY ! Unfortunately for grave health problems I will be leaving sl soon, I have had a wonderful time but for future members all I can say as an RL business man is that your incentives towards a loyal and faithfull community are very archaic and need revision, I get less help now a days with a Marketplace problem, then i did ten years ago and pay more money !!! Frankly I think that when I am spending 500 dollars a month on second life products for my pleasure in 2020 i should be gaining a much better quality of assistance then i do at the moment ! THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT, its a wake up call !!! In todays world people deserve to have the quality and respect for paying such incredible amounts of money to just play a game to unstress from the real world, when the game becomes as identically stressing as real life, its become a FAILURE !!! Or at least the service side ! Ty for reading, godbye n good luck
  4. I have had a Fish Hunt on & off for two years withand witout a partner, a month ago I asked a wuestion in GoldTokens Chat about alts and bots sucking up money from the bouy, which is not fair to other new hunters or noobs, since that day I was griefed by one person who thinks that after nine years on SL i will just leave due to his griefing, its the first time in 9 years that I have ben griefed!He has changed the first avatar which was a month old to a female avatar that was a month old and now he has a new alt that is a week and a half old, he has constantly sent abusive IM'S and then abandons the alt, I am constantly reporting them to sl with all the details and then blocking them . I spend a lot of money on goldtokens and on SL marketplace over all these years and even though I h
  5. First of all I want to Thank you all for your interest ! I have been a member of Second life for 5 years 4 months, I have never entered a forum in all those years, I tried to understand all of you and I welcome all your interests and your answers though not all were what I was expecting! First of all , if any of you misunderstood my post I am sorry because I am an American citizen but I am living abroad for many years now and maybe I communicate differently in English than you do, so maybe I need to widen my horizons in this "dance of dialects". First of all, I may sound old here, but I was sending emails on a the first macs at UCLA when emails were only being sent by the military and it took 24 hours to get from LA to NYC. I built the first Cibercafés in the Canary Islands, Spain, and while regular home computers would take ten minutes to get to a page in any country, I was hooked up to the intercontinental ITT lines that went under the Atlantic and I had DSL in 1993, my pages took A second to show up. I paid heavyduty for that! I had security knowledge while some of you were still looking down to earth from the Milky Way, please don't tell me about passwords!!! I am not being huffy , I just have a hard time taking your critics while you know nothing about me ! which is the usual thing to do today, after all, seeing the "remarks" on some of the other posts! I came to this Forum asking a simple task, for the first time in five years, because I thought that, SL has gotten so big, wether on third party servers or sites, I wanted to make a point of how the world is changing and times are tough and there are going to be more and more security breaches as time goes on, since SL is gone "INTERNATIONAL" ! (IE: look at all the languages ? Glad I speak at least 3 fluently) & Just because it's me & not you, today, tomorrow, when it happens to you, just for visiting a site, You will be screaming or asking that something be done before it's too late, & please don't say it will never happen ! All I asked is that, like Paypal, Visa , banks, etc, that there be a small, not giant, status on general security breaches as all other entities have, to protect, as well as possible your records, & that Landlords be responsable enough to tell all their customers about breaches! Is that too much to ask ??? I mean Second Life is getting huge & lots of money circulates every day, all over the world, not just in the states ! I never blamed SL for anything, maybe my wording was wrong in the excitement of posting for the first time in five years! I did blame my Landlord, for never advising us at any time that there was a security breach and I do appreciate greatly, the fact that Linden Labs sent me a mail, though I have very strong passwords for all my accounts and those of my wifes, I feel you probably thought I was some kid just joining the group. OF COURSE IT IS STUPID TO USE THE SAME PASS FOR ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS !!! Did anyone ask me if I was that stupid ? NO you just all assumed I was! We change passwords often, but my wife visited our landlords site that asked her to place her password to be able to purchase items that are specificaly related to this landlords sims, there should have been no problem with that being as it is a huge company selling & renting all that land. If SL does not take some issues seriously, they will suffer the consequences in the future ! Trust no one not even the biggest, everyone is on the list to be hacked one day or another, SL protected my wifes account, gratefull, Thanks, but I just wanted to know, and maybe should have placed a question instead of a post, Where are security questions on Sl ? Is there a status on general security ? Is there a security department? if so, being as I posted for the first time, HOPING I WOULD GET CONSTRUCTIVE HELP, I got unconstructive critics, maybe not all of you as some answers were quite long TY !!! If this is our way of helping each other, I think that we all need to take communications skills all over again . I don't know about all of you but I wish people were ready to really help each other out instead of posting answers just to be noticed ! What do you know about me or my wifes intelligence, if you don't know who I am ? We just post without thinking! Thanks to all, this is the last time you will see me here, because frankly, not one of you even asked me if I had any knowledge about IT or the internet, or security, you just all asumed I was some idiot in the backwoods with no know how of anything . its so easy to tell someone off when you are hiding behind your screen thousands of miles away, How about looking me in straight into my eyes ? really pitiful! Thanks you Linden Labs for at least offering your personal letter to us it just arrived "one day" too late ! Omurtag Milev
  6. Can you tell me where in my message did you see me saying anything wrong about SL or lindens??? I was stating that the Landlord was at wrong with their clients for not warning us at all about their security breach & that I recieved only attention from the Linden Labs, whats wrong with all of you, am I speaking Chinese or what ,,,,,?
  7. Well, thats it get rihght down dirty about my wifes intelligence, Listen !!! It was no ones fault that someone got into the server which my wife visited, abnd got all the info on accounts that are owned by the landlord!!! nor was it her stupidity! it was a person with intention to steal info I will be seeing you when you are compromised also one day, then you will think back to today! What we needf is a Security status , I say , so that we can know ahead of time when to put in some exrtra protection! why are you all so huffy about this???? try to get into my comp I will blow yours up , is that what it is coming to, I think it is a lot better to work together to protect ourselves
  8. Sorry I think you misunderstood my statement about the orbs, that was just meant to state that the security junk you buy on Marketplace just is not doing it for me, all these copybots, vandals & greifers do there thing anyway and if they get booted permanantly, they just invent another avatar because Linden can't control alternate avs anymore or bots for that matter, Sorry guy I owned one of the first Internet Cafes in Europe, and I know how to protect myself thanks anyways, I think you missed out on the meaning of my post, what I am getting at is that we need a "Security Status" just like grid status !!!
  9. Hi, probably the reason you can't buy might be caused by the inventory update for sl servers, I have lost 13000 items due to this but I am sure that the items will return in a few days, other than that what veiwer are you using? try Firestorm if the SL veiwer is not working and also check your veiwer preferences in detail, there might be something you checked off in chat hope it works out!
  10. Hi frankly, if you can get Nvidia Optimus or a Gforce 9000 & up, I think you will see the difference, I never have any problems and can boost to "ultra " but sorry if you have bought a notebook with unchangeable parts, this answer will be a dud for you If you have not tried Nvidia, look at their specs, you will never have another problem, even on older models, I have an old comp with an Nvidia 6200, & the shaders dont cause any problems; NO bugs here:)
  11. In the last few days my wifes account was somewhat compromised, needing to change all passwords for many accounts due to a breach in security of our Landlord's web site, (who's name I will not mention), Causing all people that have entered the site through SL, to have to change passwords in all acounts including Paypal etc etc !!! We recieved a formal email from Linden Labs concerning this, but it was too late, Loss of tme & efforts to obliged us to close our sim to all except group members, which is stupid because our store is on the sim, never the less, not too many people and sales are down! All this because : other than issue trackers you have no idea about outside hacks to SL , all this due to the fact , surely , that Linden Labs does not wish to overly excite people into being more prepared for breaches such as this. Not only that, just the fact that the breach was declared to the Lindens, by the landlord but , the landlord did not at any time forewarn any of their clients about this security breach ??? WTF I mean if you have a hacked site is it not the responsability of the landlord to w<arn all clients, especially those who own homestead or full sims??? I mean 125 dollars a month & we don't get a warning ? I therefore ask that Linden Labs put up a permanent Security status with updates so that "we" the people who make SL what it is, I mean financialy speaking, have the right to immediately protect ourselves from any hacks! If you can now become a millionaire in RL due to your SL holdings then any hacker in his right mind is going to get as much info on clients as possible, IE: credit cards Paypal purchasing power etc etc etc, the list goes ON !!! I have three of the most expensive security orbs on the market, & let me be honest , they just don't do it anymore!!! SL has now gone worldwide here, that means that hackers all over the place are looking to get info on the people who make SL run, That means YOU & ME folks, the people who spend Lindens here! To all who want to be protected ? please respond here & PLEASE ask that there be a security center on SL that is worthy of what Second Life is today ! Omurtag Milev
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