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  1. Than you so much for everyone's info, Signature Gianni it is then
  2. I currently have the Aesthetic Enzo by (NIRAMYTH), I have this avatar since version 1.0, and I have a few big problems with it 1 This is the smaller problem, because it is quite affordable compared to other male avatars, and already comes with a bento head, feet and hands, lot of people buy it, and every time I go to a sim every second person looks like me 2 Extremely hard to find clothes for it, not to mention skins, because creators do do anything for it 3. There are no updates anymore, the last update was last year around summer I think Now I was looking around and I was eyeing with the legacy avatar for a while now, it is quite pricey but my concern is that I didn't hear good things about it, lot of people say to stay away from it, but meanwhile, lot of people have bought it and happy with it, so still hesitating Belleza Jake looks good to be fair, but my question would be, is it updated frequently? or I am going to get left in the dark with it just like with the Aesthetic? Any other recommendations are welcomed Thank you
  3. Hi, I am Tee I have love the SL club scene since I joined this virtual world, and I love every bit about it I got the opportunity to manage a few clubs over the past years, but sadly they closed down because of various reasons (owners did not have time for it. or lack of funds) After a few months I tried my self out as a dancer, thanks to the clubs I have experienced, I have developed great communication skills and even better emoting skills, but most importantly I realised that I am extremely enjoying it I love to entertain, and I am really good at it I would appreciate an opportunity and I promise I won't let you down Looking forward working together Tee In world name: TeeCay Resident Avatar age: (8 years 4 months; 3053 days)
  4. I really like the legacy mesh body, and decided I would like to buy it, but my concern at the moment is the mesh head, which mesh heads support legacy? Catwa would be a good option? Also i was really thinking to buy the [GA.EG] Evan 2.2 head for it, I just don't know if it would be a good fit, anybody else has experience with it? Currently I have the (NIRAMYTH) - AESTHETIC - ENZO I like it, worked really hard to make it unique, but iI'm getting fed up with the fact that every second or third avatar looks like me body wise, the head is unique, it's just a face applier from birth Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  5. Hi My name is TeeCay, and i am looking for a Bouncer/Security job offers. Experiences. .- Managed 3 club - Hosted 2 clubs - And was a bouncer for one club for one year Sadly these closed in time. Please connect me if you have an offer. Thank you TeeCay
  6. Hi guys. I searched the ned and did not really found a solution for my problem. I recently noticed, that stuff I purchased from the market place are gone from the received items, and gone completly from my inveontory. Tested with 3 items, i bought 3 items from the market place, they arrived, but i logged out, re-log back in, and poof gone. Did anybody else experienced this problem? And was able to fix it? Thank you
  7. Hi guys. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section. I tried to log in with 3 different viewers and i cannot log in to second life because i get this message: "unable to connect to simulator", also tried different locations still does not working. Is it just me? Any hint or help? Thank you
  8. Thank you for your opinion @Tamara i do appreciate it I do understand that there is FB, but for some reason when people hear there is a new community or social network site they think it will be an FB clone . Mine not, yes there will be a few features similar like FB for example a like button on photos, and user notifications, thats all actually, i am not reinventing the weal, and a nother fb clone would be pontless. And yes i remeber a similar site like that what you mentioned, the biggest problem with that in my opinion was that it allowed everything, and after a time it was full with porn, and the owner did not push any effort in the user requests, that was its biggest faliure. And truth is, don't know if you heard about 500px, my site will be similar to that, mostly i try to put features what are unique, but its a bit hard in a world where almost everything is done Dislike button idea is nice, but won't be popular in this site, i am thinking to make an activity feed similar to twitters in the late future, we will see. And thank you for you for your thoughts i do appreciate it You guys could help me with the name, i currently named it Pixel Pot what you think?
  9. I love photography & fashion. I was a photographer in SL for a really long time, but sadly i do not have much time to spend in-world, but i don't want to throw the SL fashion and photography behind my back entirely. Back in time i sat down to develop a community site for the SL phhotographers and for the modeling and fashion industry residents, and since i have more time now and i will have for a long time, i thought i will sit back down and finish it. The site would have the following fetures. - Photo sharing: to show your work or collect inspirations, you can like comment and share - Casting call section: Where anybody can post different castings, (example, photgrapher needs model, or other ways around) - Profiles: You can upload unlimited images to your own personal portfolio, give info abourt your self, share your social networks and blog / official site if you have, and leave reviews. - Learning resources section: Where people can post links to different learning resources to related topic, or create their own tutorials, and request some. There are more fatures on my mind right now, but these are some examples So what do you think? Good idea? Any feature ideas welcome, if people are interested in this Thank you Kind Regards TeeCay
  10. Noya has similar skins https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/68414
  11. I recently downloaded Rainbow Viewer, i kinda like it, but whats odd, i enabled, basic shaders, and hardware skinning, but it doesn't seem to work.
  12. I recently bought my new skin, sadly the store does not contain the actual hair what is show in the preview image, was searching asking, was not able to find. Could someone please help me out where i can find similar hair? Thank you Image here
  13. fixed both, thanks for the feedback
  14. Hello I saw, and i experience that teen's find frienda hard, now im not trying to advertise, i am trying to help, If you want to find some teen friends, search for Teen Friends, in the inworlds search with your viewer. Dont know if group links are allowed if someone can answer this i will include a link too :)
  15. Hello Folks. I am currently looking for housemaes, i already own a private small skybox what is able to customize, and have a small house on it, with a 300 prim limit, so you are able to set up your own room :), and play with my dog Caesar :) I any type of gender and age is welcome, if interested please slap me a message :) PS: Dont be suprised about my looks, i RP as Teen (Legal RP) :)
  16. Im a bit struggleing why my groups, the first group what i made it got 145 users under 7 months, and i see lots of people who create the same or similar groups they get users fast. So if its not a big request or secret, could please someone give me tips how to advertise or where or how to get more users? Thank you folks :)
  17. Im a bit struggleing why my groups, the first group what i made it got 145 users under 7 months, and i see lots of people who create the same or similar groups they get users fast. So if its not a big request or secret, could please someone give me tips how to advertise or where or how to get more users? Thank you folks :)
  18. So first sorry if i posted in the wrong place. My younger brother started to play the game for 3 weeks now and im trying to help him. The problem is i wanted to help him with his avi, he is 16 and would like to make an avi like a 16yr old, but he or neighter i wasnt able to find any, marketplace is full with 12 and under, and when you search mostly you find female components or full avi's, its kind of sad. Can someone offer me a good shop inwrold or on the marketplace (coz im gonna buy the stuff form him)? And a nother thing, its a bit annoying, you can only find muscular avi's for any categorie for this type, if someone would be able to help me out a bit i would be happy. Thank you folks
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