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  1. Ive been asking in the group for weeks now and never got an answer so Im pleased to see this. I cant activate blink unless I use the moods which I find look a bit odd. In life we can stand with a resting face but we will always blink. Anyway good to know its a head thing and not me misunderstanding though why someone in group couldnt answer me I really dont know. I found if I activate a mood she will continue to blink even after I turn mood off. But then when I relog its gone again *** finally got the answer. Its called Brows Animation. Seems to me they need to rename that
  2. I travel sim to sim earning points. Similar to coins and cones but none of that Webpage stuff to go to like with cones. I can make about 30L in a couple of hours. I set my avi to earn then go off into RL to do stuff, just returning to mover her on after a given time. That way I dont get bored and get rl stuff done too. Its something thats been there since at least 2008 and probably before so I know its safe and worthwhile. Feel free to contact me inworld if you want more info. I would be happy to help.
  3. Yummy I was a customer of yours waaaaay back with my original avi when your store was crazy busy all the time. If its any help to you to know I have been looking for your store again. I had some great things from you, one dress in particular that I would love to have for my now main avi. I wear a little mesh but only a little. Like a lot of avis I don't fit the sizes and don't see why I should mess with my shape each time I change my clothes. Good luck with beginning again I will look out for you setting up shop again.
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