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  1. I agree that QAvimator feels limiting. That may change eventually. For a free Blender solution, I recommend the following download from Domino's blog: Go to http://www.dominodesigns.info/ On the right side of the site is a list of links that says "Forums", "Primstar", "Download", "Manual", "Avatar", etc. Click the link that says "Avatar" This will download a .blend file ("avatar.blend") that contains a nice basic setup of the Second Life avatar in Blender. I think it may be the precursor to Avastar, so it's not as feature-rich as Avastar itself. However, it is decent and I have used it to make a few animations and poses.
  2. I rewrote the splitter in BASH so Linux computers can run it. It might work on OS X too but I don't have an OS X to test on. Download BVH Splitter (Linux) And here's a link to the Windows download again: Download BVH Splitter (Windows)
  3. Yes, I believe it is possible to animate the positions of individual joints if you upload the animation using Second Life's internal animation format instead of as a BVH file. I don't know of many programs that export in that format. Avastar may be able but the program does cost some money. I plan to give QAvimator the option to export in this format; can't say when exactly because a few other features have priority for development. When you say you are trying to bring it into SL, I assume that you are using BVH files. Which program are you using to create them?
  4. Sorry, this is the first time I've heard of VMD files. The MMD wiki details the file format, so maybe someone could write a conversion program for it.
  5. I wrote a quick program that can split your animation into multiple 60-second animations. Click the link below to get it. Download BVH Splitter Unzip it, put it in the same folder as your animation, then double click it to run it. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need the program to run on a system other than Windows.
  6. Hi Vivian, I'm very sorry to hear that you ran into a crash bug with your animation. If you still have that avm file and don't mind sharing it with me, I could fix the issue in QAvimator and link you to an updated version of the program. Otherwise, my best advice is to try changing the file extension from "avm" to "bvh". You may lose some data like which frames were using ease in/out, but, if successfully opened, the entire animation should be displayed as if it were read from a bvh file. Then you can click Tools > Optimize BVH to clean up some of the unnecessary keyframes. - Fig Mistwood
  7. I'll look into the issue you described and put something on qavimator.org that will enable people to easily report bugs. In the meantime, I can add a "legacy" section to the QAvimator downloads for anyone who wants an older version of the program.
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