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  1. was no problem after all!
  2. i thought i had it with this.. but it may be a bit off? //Join 2 prims and add this to child 'gerbil' prim vector startpos= <-0.217, -0.229, 0.070>;//start rotation startrot= <0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0>;//start vector diffpos;//relative move rotation diffrot= <1,1,1,1>;//relative move vector jumppos= <-0.149, -0.229, 0.117>;//target rotation jumprot= <0.0, 0.317, -0.0, 0.948>;//target default { state_entry(){ } touch_start(integer tch){ startpos= (vector)llList2String( llGetLinkP
  3. Hello, Im sure ive asked a similar question in the past, but i cannot get this one to work. Im better at making diagrams so i thought i would post this while i beaver away for the answer I need a child prim start position (whatever it is) to serve as a base for a different relative position (with both a pos and rot change). Thanks for any help!
  4. Thats it Wulfie! Thanks so much! Its magical for sure!
  5. Sorry DoteDote i dont follow you exactly .. My thinking is that in order to use the x & y vectors in any 'opposite' way, we have to 'multiply' the quat rotation in there too. I dont claim to understand how it works.. but i know quaternions can do these sort of magical things somehow!
  6. Thanks Wulfie, but it didnt quite work for me ? I have to be using local pos rots only .. and did this:
  7. My diagram shows a table as root prim, and a person standing at some vector vec and rotation rot offset. Is it possible to get the same relative result (using the original vec & rot data) when using the person as root? I know there is quaternion magic, and am hoping something like using "pos*quat/ZERO_ROTATION" can do it? Thanks for considering this!!!
  8. Kelly .. i only just got to absorb this now ... Thanks so much for posting each of the three variations .. and i see the sense of the 'methods' involved .. i really enjoyed it!
  9. Thats true Madelaine .. but as i cannot get in yet i am getting better acquainted with the things i will need to know. So later i will have less frustration^^ C# seems very doable after LSL .. so far only 1.5 days spent, but already im optimistic^^ Over the next few days i will watch a few youtube tutorials too. Bring it on baby!
  10. am currently doing http://csharp.net-tutorials.com/ ..it seems very well presented^^
  11. Everyone .. please feel free to add in simple comparative examples if you think they can demonstrate some specific thing you are interested in showing about C#!
  12. awesome thanks so much! .. i dont quite understand the detail of it yet of course but i will look at it really hard tomorrow and soak up 'how it looks' as a first step! That will be a big and exciting time for me! thanks again Rachel!
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