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  1. I'm having the same issue as you. The status still says no issues, but there has to be one. Maybe it's Firestorm viewer (if you use it). I don't see anything on their site either.
  2. Yeah, I get totally bored in SL too. I do not have many SL friends and it's not easy meeting new peeps that have the same interest as I do and want to meet new peeps as well. That is one reason why I started to learn how to build. I also started learning photography and editing. So, I hop from one scenic sim to another snapping different types of photos. I am no pro yet, but it's fun and a great learning experience nonetheless. I participate in hunts and in weekly/monthly discount events or showcases. Also, You may want to check out Drama Libre. They host themed parties every Saturday from 7pm
  3. Thanks for all of the advice guys! @Lukeh - I believe Google Sketch-up is super easy too but when I upload my objects into SL, it's all broken apart. I cannot figure out how to fix it. @Nalates - I've actually watched many of Ashasekayi and they are very helpful too.
  4. So sorry to hear about your partner. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and returns to you soon.
  5. My previous avatar chillin'. Now and again she makes an appearance. Sorry for the low qual image. I save them as png since Firestorm is more compatible with png. This makes me realize that I should save them as jpeg and convert to png when needed.
  6. Very true! I know exactly which avatars you are talking about. The super skinny ones with the tiny tiny eyes and large round heads. Those can get pretty funky too, but they look better than Ruth.
  7. Hahaa! Love this post. I must admit that I tend to run from ugly avatars though. I see soooo many! Especially the beefed up male avatars with tiny heads or female avatars who are like 10 feet tall (my avi is 5 feet 6 inches). Scary stuff. There is really no excuse to have odd looking avatars anymore with all these fantastic creators and the beauty of Marketplace. Ruth is long dead! Hook up your avi! Also, utilize AOs. We don't walk like robotic avatars in RL so why would we be okay with it in SL? Have fun with your avatar.
  8. I do a lot of shopping in SL. A LOT of shopping. Now that mesh capabilities is getting better and better in SL, I want everything mesh practically. I love it! Now I try to buy as many things in mesh as possible. I just started learning how to create mesh objects in Blender, starting off more geometric and making houses (thank goodness for Youtube!), but that is only the very very tip of the iceburg. I see creators making the most incredible mesh objects in SL and I am baffled as to how they learned how to create them. Of course, I sign up for classes with Builder's Brewery, Caledon University
  9. I think that SL is similar to RL where you meet people with the same interests as you based on where you put yourself. If you want to meet an artistic guy, then you make your social scene art related events. If you want a guy who is a body builder, go strut around the gym. I think I got lucky when I first arrived because a co-worker who had been in SL for years introduced me to SL. I pretty much skipped mainland and ended up on a private sim called "New Toulouse" where I rented a cheap apartment and started learning the ropes of SL. I did not run into griefers or trolls, no one spammed chat, I
  10. Hi! My name is Dido Elizabeth Belle. I've been in SL for a year now, but I just signed up for the forums today. In RL, I am a mixture of African, Irish, Jewish, and Native American. People always think I look Ethiopian. The only thing my avatar and I have in common is our skin tone, cheek bones, jaw line, full lips and hair length...when my avi is wearing it long. As I'm not overweight, I am not nearly as thin as my avi. My avi is like the size of Jennifer Aniston and I am the size of Christine Hendricks from Mad Men in RL.
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