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  1. It's always good to see new content for newcomers, and these are nicely done, and different. One downside though; they all seem to have the same face shape, as if they are octouplets, with different skin tones, which is a bit creepy lol. It is impossible of course, to make enough starter avatars to appeal to everyone who joins, however this collection seems to have gone for the more unusual types, rather than the mainstream, which is a bit of a strange idea, considering this means they will appeal to even less people than usual. I would recommend that future collections, take account of what sells in SL. Look at the most popular things people are buying (not just for 1L), and then make a basic version of those things. That way, they might actually be worn for more than 2 mins.
  2. Well I'm not sure what point you were making exactly, except that in your opinion creators don't matter that much. I would ask you to consider a grid.. that is empty, that has only a basic avatar of male and female available, with no community, no events, no shops, no malls, no contests or groups, no offers and sales, no flickr feeds or romantic places to meet, and the list goes on. No content. Many people have tried to set up new grids, and failed. We only have to take a tour in Opensim, to see how quiet SL could be without it's dedicated creators, and organisers. It is a busy day in Opensim if 20 people are on a grid at one time. When SL will have 50,000 people online. And those 20 people will not pay hundreds of dollars to rent a sim, maybe they pay $20 at most. The reason that SL works, and makes a huge profit for LL, is because of the community of creators, and their amazing dedication to keep it working. Many creators not only create, they do their own customer service, they police their own content creation theft, they give advice to customers on all things, from how to use their products, to how to reboot the sim, or how to know when a LL glitch means a relog is needed. They are the golden goose that LL seem oblivious to, and are in great danger of killing through neglect. And it seems you have a similar attitude as well.. regarding the "irrelevant things" that I write.
  3. Goodness.. well I can see you are not a creator then Alwin, and there is no need to be rude. I am not suggesting that LL are a charity. Only that it is bad business practice to spring a wage decrease on the people who you rely upon to keep your company going. Also, I do know how much it costs to run a website catalogue, and a grid.. and I can assure you, they are so far from a charity.. that it is laughable, and quite criminal that they have to pinch on three occasions from people who are actually providing the content that makes this site work. And before you use that argument.. that there are plenty more creators out there, if some of us quit in protest, I think you will find that is not really the case anymore. Take hair for example. The best woman's hair creators, have begun, making prim, then sculpted hair then taken that experience through to mesh, and finally brought all of that experience and knowledge into their present hybrid products. Someone new, who wants to make hair in SL has a lot of learning to do.. and would most likely apply those years of study to a more secure profession. Hence, the creators we have in SL, are precious, they have over 10 years of experience in many cases.. and those years should be valued, not disrespected by springing surprise reductions in their wages, with no notice except what you speak of.. a post in a forum, that most people do not have time to follow, because they are working too hard in SL! SL has email addresses for all of their creators, and a short mail to explain the situation, is only common decency. Finally.. I am sure it is against TOS to sell lindens.. however this type of behaviour from SL is only going to encourage it anyway. Do we not have flagrant disregard for content rights? Do we not have copybotted gatchas selling better than painstakingly built houses by original creators? Do we not have a dozens of other TOS violations every day? It is only a matter of time, before such Linden sales networks grow, if LL make it increasingly difficult for their hardworking creators to get a good deal from them.
  4. Ahh the joys of working for a company who take ownership of all your content, make no attempt to protect it, and give absolutely no guarantees that even their pricing structures will remain reasonable. I assume there was no discussion about these changes with content creators? I assume there was no notice given via email to them? Well.. actually I know there was no email sent out, as I did not receive one! This is shocking, and an absolute con. 1. We pay a commission on every sale. 2. We pay again, when we sell our lindens for less than LL resell them. 3. We pay AGAIN when requesting a payout, which on $200, a $3 fee was bad enough, but it has suddenly jumped up to over $5. I think it is time that third party resellers set up selling Lindens, and buying them from content creators, as used to happen in imvu. Maybe we may get a better deal then!
  5. Looking for a scripter who can edit script which is not working correctly. Work in SL and opensim. Pay in lindens. Also looking for scripter to work on combat system. Please send me NC for either or both opportunities. Viadetta resident SL
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