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  1. I had the same experience at a rather well known and famous Secondlife furniture store .I realised after the second line that the whole thing was a scam .In my case the bot message claimed the girl was Russian who had been jilted by her boyfriend who had made off with all her Linden somehow ,and yes the magic figure required was 300L.
  2. What Julian Assange did for Australians was clearly point out even though we live and a so called liberal democracy , both the government and opposition parties are willing to sell of our human rights to pacify our so called allies .As an Australian travelling at the moment I would rather seek aid from a neutral embassy such as the Swiss Embassy than depend on my own embassy as I may wait for ever .Despite being Australian the government has failed to ensure Julian Assange's rights as an Australian citizen to a fare trial and ensure that he is not extradicted through stealth to the US.
  3. Another option I just found you might want to try if your being prim conscious in your build and function agenda is https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SET-OF-FULL-PERM-VIP-BARRIER-POLES-AND-RED-CARPETSTAIRS/3124106 at 1 prim .
  4. I have just purchased a theatre for some group land so I had the problem of looking for a red carpet just as you do at the moment .I purchased a product in Second Life Market place at the cost of of 280L. There are two versions of the product known as the VIP Barrier Official/theater poles Club * VIP Party : red carpet, velvet ropes and stanchions * scripted barriers L$280 and the VIP Barrier Official/theater poles Monaco * VIP Party : red carpet, velvet ropes and stanchions * scripted barriers L$280.They are the most realistic I found and come with scripted barrier poles and their own security staff .I hope this helps .Gaius
  5. Thanks a lot Torley as a newish member of SecondLife I certainly appreciate information of this nature as it make my Second Life so much easier when I am given knowledge like this . Yes after trying it out by following your instructions I for one think it should be a default .Thankyou also for the informative and useful tutorial . Regards Gaius .
  6. I totally agree in real there are financial penalties for breaking a lease .I had paid ahead given notice in a correct manner and had at least a fortnight to go on each floor of the buildings rental .I dont think in real life after giving notice you get thrown out straight away especially if your ahead with your rent , then you actually do have a case to take to a court or arbitor . Thanks for your good advise and knowledge I will follow your direction and persue this . Thankyou Gaius.
  7. I have been here just over a month and rented a 2 floor building in Acropolis .I have always had trouble contacting the landlords about issues they never reply .I could never rez in the building .I repeatly requested the issue be rectified , yet again never a reply .Yesterday I decided to drop the lease even though I had paid well ahead .This morning I logged in and arrived in my building to find two other avis had set up home .I was promptly ejected from the building before I could ask what was going on. The landlord owes me about 4to 5000L in outstanding rent , they have abused the lease by renting even though I gave formal notice via their hippo rent machine. I still have approximately 2 weeks left in rent on the top floor of the building and 3 weeks left on the ground floor so any advice from you guys would be appreciated as to how to handle the issue would be appreciated yours a homeless avi Gaius
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