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  1. Hey. There is this pretty active roleplay sim. Urban style mixed with magical creatures, different races and abilities. People there are super friendly and everyone is open to RP. Maybe you want to give it a look. https://www.beneaththesurfacesl.com
  2. I found one called Strattford county. You can also RP here and do not need to get a place to rent. Its still young but the people here are really hellpfull and nice. Small community where everyone knows everyone. Might stick to this one for a while. Thanks for all the recomendations ❤️
  3. ? Do you have any opinion in any of them or "live" in any? Maybe I can work as firefighter or something similar.
  4. Do those need me to buy/rent some sort of land? Because I was hoping I didn't have too 8D. Rather spend money on clothes and stuff than rent a place <_<
  5. Hey guys, so basically I've been on Second Life for many years now, but I left for quite a while and most of the people I knew just left (sadly). Since this could be considered a "fresh start" Im looking to make new friends and stuff. Was thinking about joining a RP family in a urban RP sim. I do not think I should be considered a kid or a teen since my AVIE doesn't kinda look like a young person <_< Maybe an uncle or something? <_< Well hopefully you guys can point me to something cool or just IM me in-world :D Many thanks :D Picture of me for reference.
  6. Well you can try Liberty Bay. A couple of sims put together with a school, fire department, police department. You need to register via their website but its amazingly fast. They let you rent stores, houses and create your own business. Really enjoyable community with nice people. Link:http://www.libertybaysl.com/
  7. Good morning or good afternoon. My name is Corvallis Resident and i am looking for a job in Second Life. I have been in Second Life for a good amount of years and have worked in different jobs. Those jobs were: - Community Manager. I took care of people trying to rent a place on that specific community. Also was helping anyone in any house with things they needed, taking care of lost prims and objects and ejecting/baning people. - I have worked in a store as a Sattelite store locator. Was in charge of finding new satellite stores for that particular store. - I create logos for companies/sto
  8. Hello, im looking for a red carpet that i can actually walk on it. Example, i sit on it and it does the animation of walking until the end of the carpet. Preferibly red. Would be awesome if anyone would give me a link of it. Thank you very much
  9. Hello. I come in part of Somersley State community and i would like to ask about some custom work. I need somoene to build this item. http://www.belson.com/images/MX3096-8LPTBT-006-M.jpg . Exactly lke that. I would like to know how much would you be willing to charge for that and how much time would it take you. If you are willing to do this please IM me inworld. Thank you very much and hope for your reply. If the item is good, we will be willing to ask you for more simple works.
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