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  1. Awesome. Thanks for all the help. I can somewhat read and understand how functions link up throughout a script, and get a feel for how it works, BUT I can't even begin to write it on my own. I might end up taking your advice and hiring someone if they don't over charge me. I know what I want isn't a complex script, but it's still complex for ME, lol.
  2. No you're right, I don't need alot of that. It's not for mass use, it's just for me. I don't need payments split, nor do I need the group info. But I do like how it keeps track of who made payments, and it lets you customize the amounts that show when they click to pay.. But all I really need, is a way to give a notecard, then recieve a notecard and a payment with a record of it. If you know of another tipjar script that does just the basics, please point me in the right direction.
  3. Oh you're right! Thank you Rolig! I had considered the issue of someone injecting a script, and read that scripts aren't allowed to be dropped in. HOWEVER, I didn't think about someone dropping in a notecard to change access. But instead of going through the process you described, couldn't I just hardcode my UUID into the script and ditch the supporting notecards? How hard would that be?
  4. STILL NEED HELP, but I have an update. I turned off the IK system before exporting and that helped a LITTLE. Now the feet don't shift AS much, but they still do alot....more so than what is acceptable. I hope a few poser animators can help me refine this, cuz right now it doesn't seem like any complex animations with poser are possible for SL.
  5. Ah, thank you! It worked! Though it's actually located in the Users folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser Pro 2012 Content\Runtime\Libraries\Character I just made a new folder in there called SL Avatars and dropped my cr2 and obj files in, then restarted poser and BAM, presto chango, I can open them in the library. Thanks a million!
  6. I clicked this link to laugh at the noobs that go for this, but ended up finding a little more respect for the average SL D/s community. And I hate to break it to ya, but when money becomes any part of a requirement for being your sub, then YEA that makes you a findomme... and while SL is a bit of a joke, in RL findommes are looked down upon because they set a horrible example for people in D/s. Findommes are closer to prostitutes or "escorts" than anything related to D/s. I've had multiple subs in RL buy me lunch or gifts, but NOT because it was a requirement of any kind. D/s is about a mutually benificial and enjoyable relationship and asking for subs to pay for your castle just makes you sound pety and broke....and doesn't help the reflection of your personality at makes you seem concieted and full of yourself. However...perhaps you're not typically like this at all....peeerhaps you're just desperate to pay the bills and don't want to lose what you've worked hard on. And if that's the case, then that's very understandable, and there are many things someone in your situation (with a store, a large sim, etc) could do. If you have any close subs, they might be willing to help, just like any close friends might. But please take some advice from this forum and reflect on it, cuz if you're a good domme, then you wouldn't require money from subs. Being a good dom/me is about mastery of one's self before others. I have the opposite issue from you....I tend to be too prideful to accept help from my subs and friends when sometimes I might really need it. p.s. Your pics are good, but could be much better with a few touchups in photoshop
  7. Ah THANK you....most people give the creation portal link on the wiki doesn't have the files....not clearly or without alot of searching at least. It's enough to drive a person mad. But you are a life saver. Thanks
  8. oh ok, so there's no need to even do the LOD utility in 3Ds Max, right? I pressume that's just for working internally while building inside 3D studio. Alright, thanks, i'll give that a shot!
  9. Ok, so it turned out the issue was that my mesh was too small. After making it bigger in Max, it uploads fine now. Thanks for the help
  10. OK....well....I had some success! Though I don't understand why... I used a Normal modifier before in order to flip the normals the wrong way and it was still inverted in SL. ....however....adding a normal modifier, and turning OFF the "flip normals" option (so it doesn't change anything) seems to make it work... I don't know why, or understand it at all...cuz technically it shouldn't be changing anything....but it WORKS. And that's all I care about
  11. I wouldn't think the axis point wouldn't matter, but I'll try that. And yes the units are set to metric. Is there anything else that could cause the issue? I always reset the xform, so i know it's not a transform modifier issue
  12. Yes, but the normals don't seem to be the issue. They look fine inside 3dsmax. And i've even inverted the normals the wrong way, and it makes no difference to the model in SL. So I don't know that the problem is the normals for sure....what else could it be though? Oh, and i'm using the fbx exporter, then using the stand-alone fbx convertor to make the file a dea. I've done several uploads before that work. The inverted issue only happens after i've used xform on some meshes. And I know the xform can invert the normals, however as I said, the normals are all flipped the correct way.
  13. You mean the UVW XForm modifier in 3dstudio? btw, nice quote
  14. Ok....apparently when you create a mirrored object it trianulates some of the polygons which SL doesn't like. So you have to use a "Symmetry Modifier" to mirror the mesh.
  15. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that seemed to do the trick. I did just as you said, exported the fbx and converted it to a dae file and uploaded it. The texture didn't display in the preview window, however i applied the texture after uploading it, and it worked! Much more testing to do, but hopefully all will go smoothly. Thanks for the help!