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  1. This question has not been answered yet. I don't mean to be rude, but post-editing has nothing to do with the question. I'm well aware of high res images and how to use photoshop. There is a WAY to do this inworld with the camera, so if there's advice on how to do that, then please let me know. Thank you.
  2. @ Lindal Kidd Yes it's possible to do that if you take a zoomed out snapshot, but you will have to crop 50% of the image. And for a photographer, that's a huge reduction in quality. Not to mention, it's far better to be able to see HOW it looks rotated from that angle, without doing guess-work between the Raw Shot and Post Editing.
  3. As I stated, I've learned how to do it with an xbox controller and 3D Mouse already. But the controls aren't precise, and it requires going into Flycam Mode which kills your default cam controls. I have two friends (pro SL photographers) that can do camera rolling with only thier mouse and keyboard, and it doesn't require Flycam Mode. However, they both claim it was just LIKE that for them. They use firestorm and said they didn't do anything special to set it up. But I really want that feature to work for me too. Any advise is appreciated.
  4. When I ask how to camera roll, I'm asking how to take a side-ways picture/snapshot. How can you Roll/Tumble/Rotate the camera so you can view the world upside-down? I have found little-to-no info on this. And it's surprising how difficult it is to setup. Here's what i've found out with firestorm: --1st-- You must turn off Auto Leveling (which prevents camera roll). That can be found in the phototools. --2nd-- By enabling 3D mouse it is possible to do a camera roll (using a 3d mouse or xbox controller), but you might have issues with the camera moving in other directions too. So c
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