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  1. Same, and I am putting it here so hopefully the questions will be taken in. I do keep track on watching those bi-weekly viewer meetings on youtube but never gets mentioned, guess it is not for it. So, posting the questions here. Earlier before SL15B, there was a post of 15 things to come this year, but lots has not yet been seen.... 1) Last Names, when is this going to be available. More friends have been wondering and asking. Would love to know when can do all this. 2) One of the 15 things to come was new Linden Homes. Any idea when this is going to be available to choose.
  2. I hope these questions can be asked and answered in the next upcoming Lab Chat, and not dwell on only Sansar thing for 1+ hours where question after question really goes back to what has been said. My questions: 1) Does Linden Labs really take Abuse Reports serious? Is there not a way to talk to someone who is for the Abuse Team inworld. In many cases, the form is limited to a certain number of characters, and it does result that it is not possible to explain things as good about what the Abuse Report is for. I did file reports for very serious things, but that resident was never dea
  3. To be honest, Linden Labs has never taken Abuse Reports serious. But I sure also want to know how that is even handled. I had to file several abuse reports for a serious case, but that Resident, could stay online and do whatever it wanted.
  4. Yes, the same did happen on the sim, Hagerman, where I have my lindenhome.. Also this same object, Eye of Sauron. It was preventing me to go to my lindenhome, was pushing and bouncing me all over the sim, pushed through a few other lindenhomes and then eventually ending up in a neighboring sim, Redshoe. Contacted support, getting a response back that made me think, the support guy didn't understand properly and was saying, I had to make sure to go to my lindenhome, and not someone else's as I got the weird messages, at my lindenhome that I could not enter the parcel. Making me feel like
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