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  1. Hi all I'm looking to buy a new laptop. As the one i have has seen far better days. I would need a laptop as it's portable (i travel at times.) But i would still need it to be able to run second life. I wont need to have max settings, mid or low is absolutely fine. But i will need the laptop to handle not only everyday tasks and applications, but also be able to run second life as well. The Asus laptop specs are: Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB Processor Type: Intel Celeron Processor Speed: 1.5 MHz Memory: 4 GB And the lenovo's Processor Type: Intel Celeron Processor Speed: 1.80GHz Hard Drive C
  2. Dillon Levenque wrote: With a fashion blog you probably have a better list than I do :-). I would have suggested The Sea Hole, which you already know about. Mon Tissu is another good one. I have some stuff from DeeTaleZ too. There truly is a huge range of clothing types out there, but you have to do a lot more looking to find conservative stuff. Agree, I do like to shop at Mon Tissu quite a lot :matte-motes-smile:. And is actually where i brought one of the trench coats i mentioned earlier. For me i think one of the best sl clothes creators which caters well. Along with Maitreya, ISON,
  3. Dillon Levenque wrote: Baloney. The vast majority of clothing available on MP and in SL is in fact tramp wear. Yes, it's not too hard to find stuff you like that is NOT slutty, but if one just goes to MP and shops, one gets for the most part clothing that would be inappropriate in RL. I give you the first page of Apparel>Women's>Women's Tops>Sweaters>L$100-L$500 here. There's like one or two things on that page you could wear to the grocery store. To tell someone that if she's finding tramp wear it is because that's what she's looking for is not only insulting, it's total BS.
  4. Amie Kaestner wrote: I blame lack of choice in the marketplace. With my avatars, even if they're not the same shape as me wearing "sexy" clothing makes me feel like I'm lying to myself. I tried looking for some female viking clothes that weren't skimpy and was disappointed by the selection; I think I only came across three that didn't look like a Nordic bikini. Sometimes I've been tempted to buy male clothing since it tends to be a lot less revealing. Lack of selection in the marketplace, i often have a hard time trying to find even the simplest style of tops. Which don't give the ill
  5. I think everyone approaches second life differently, pertaining to there real life needs. For me second life is a creative extension to my rl. Meaning that here i can learn further about different skills such as building, meshing, design, & scripting. Which are skills which i use often in rl. Im very much as i am on sl in rl as well, still the same friendly, carefree but shy and helpful girl. The only difference may be that i am a lot more assertive, when introducing myself or talking to someone than would be in rl. Of course there still exists virtual embarrassment, having experienced it
  6. @ SweetArashi, Thank you, from what you've mentioned of your own experiences that sounds like what i'm looking for. @ Czari ...lovely, sounds perfect!, i will visit in world and have a look as well as try that search you mentioned. I'll also be sure to Im you too if i have any questions should i like what i see. Thank you @ Qie lol @ Amethyst ..I'll be sure to keep this mind, Thank you for telling me. I had no idea they would breed so much, i was actually going to be given a breedable kitten by a friend. But thought it best to find out first if i could find the type of pet i wanted.
  7. Hi, in need of lots of help. :matte-motes-smile: Im trying to locate a second life pet shop, Preferably one which sells puppies. And if possible has a Bichon frise breed in stock, or perhaps another similar looking breed to this one. For the price of the pet, i'm looking to pay anything from 300 up to 900 lindens. I'm not sure on scripts, but i guess the more interactive or life like the actions and mannerisms the better.
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