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  1. Hello everyone. Now I know what your thinking: "Well of course there's going to be lag with that many avatars, it's common sense!" Well it isn't so much of asking how to fix it (sorta) but why does it do it. For me, I was in a pretty big place with that many Avis and I was stun my lappy was still pushing double digits! (20-27fps) So everything was working beautifully but what weirded me out was that though everything was smooth and there was no rubber band effect, I was still walking like I was in cement. I would've been perfectly fine knowing that my viewer was experiencing 4fps and the cement shoe having avi but my situation made me curious. So any suggestions on why mine did this and maybe how I can fix it? Thank you
  2. This is a natural thing that occurs with almost anything in life (if not, everything). If you're finding yourself constantly performing a hobby (logging into SL) and being bored, cut back. You don't have to quit cold turkey! There are other games (When you said "I don't want to play silly games", I'm not sure if you meant in SL or games in general) which you can download, play, and immerse yourself into.I have several different MMORPG's and games I play other than SL so if I get bored, I cut back so that when I return, I feel kinda refreshed. If that's not your forte, just find an RL hobby where you can distract yoiurself as well. If all you do is play SL, it's going to lack it's luster eventually. Now I know this sounds clich'e but maybe...GET A JOB! Don't do it for the money, do it for fun. I was just like you, and I finally wanted to branch out more form what I was doing(wandering aimlessly, chatting, exploring). I still do those things, but I find having a job as a rewarding experience. I save up my money to pay rent or to buy that Hoody I had my eye on and it didn't cost me a cent of my RL funds! You also meet new people to which I can call my friends in SL. Also, try finding something you would like to do as a job IRL or something that sounds interesting. I started hosting since almost every club wanted a host and it was easy to get hired IMO. I started it and man, did I DESPISE it. I mean, I loved my co-workers (well most of them) but I couldn't find the joy in just greeting people and dancing. So what did I do? Branch out. I got enough experience of what working in SL was like (or a decent amount) to try for another job and another one and another one and so on.That's what I think when it comes to SL. You branch out your interests and learn more, meet more, create more, etc. Just try and think what is something you like IRL and incorperate it into SL and if that doesn't work, just try something you were curious about but never did it IRL and maybe SL can give you a sample of it to you and you can come to your own conclusion.
  3. A few of my friends told me that these two variables can boost performance by quickening render speeds and decrease lag. Some tell me (including a Torley tutorial) to set my bandwidth to 10k while others tell me 1.5k and anything over that number is a waste of bandwidth. Some tell me to keep my cache at 512 while others tell me to max it out. I have no clue what either variable does other than cache stores the data and bandwidth streams the data to your computer but correct me if I'm wrong. So how do I determine on what numbers to set it on?
  4. Thank you so much! It's great they're so similar! Does the 2GB have the advantage over the 1GB of 750 even though it's a slightly better model?
  5. Transparent water Bump Mapping and shiny Local Lights Basic Shaders Atmostspheric shaders Draw Distance= 64-128 Max Particle count=0 Max # of imposter avatars=10 Post Process Quality Mesh Detail=All marked high excluding Sky detail Avatar Impostors: check Hardwar Skinning: check Terrain Detail=High Water reflection= Minimal but I might switch it to everything Avatar Physics: High Ping: 40ms DWNLD SPD: 10.83 mps UPLD SPD: 1.45 mps for avatars lets say 60 since some hotspots have that many avatars Also, could you please compare the 740M 2GB compared to the 750M1GB? I can't see to find out the specific comparision for them. Ask if you need any more info!
  6. Which specific details would you care to know? I would be glad to provide a clearer image. Sorry if I tend to type my questions in broad strokes. Also, thank you for showing me that site game debate! That site really does help alot (even though I can't really understand the specific specs for comparison) but it does give me a general idea.
  7. Link if you need it: http://store.sony.com/laptop/Custom-Sony-VAIO-Laptop-15.5-F-Series/SVF152190X-Standard/en/vaio/8198552921666564153 Specs: 3rd gen Intel® Core™ i7-3537U (2.00GHz / 3.10GHz with Turbo Boost) (Save $75, reg. price $200.00) [$125.00]Windows 8 64-bit15.5" LED backlit Full HD display (1920 x 1080)NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M (2GB) hybrid graphics (Save $20, reg. price $100.00) [$80.00]1TB (5400rpm) hard drive (Save $15, reg. price $60.00) [$45.00]8GB (4GB x2) DDR3L-1600MHz [$60.00] ATM I have a Nvidia 525M and it runs SL fairly well but jerky in huge areas. Will this graphics card fix this issue? Also, any Windows 8 users here? If so, how do you like it compared to W7? Again, thank you to the people for all the advice with my laptop questions. You really helped and taught me alot about specs and such so for that I am truly grateful. :matte-motes-smile: I'm very sorry for constantly bring up spec questions, it's just that this is a pretty big investment and I'm very indecisive about the whole thing. Have a great day!
  8. PROCESSOR 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ processor (6MB Cache, up to 3.4GHz) MEMORY 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz HARD DRIVE 750GB SATA 3Gb/s (7,200 RPM) VIDEO CARD NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M with 1GB GDDR5 These are the specs I plan on getting if that helps
  9. Sorry if I seemed I was stating two questions but I didn't intend to do so. I just want to know if that specific graphics card will run at least mid settings at places (such as clubs for example) with 20 people. That's all. If you need more info, I'll gladly try to find and give it
  10. I agree, it is a terrific idea...if I had the talent. At the moment, I can only paint cartoon/anime pics so maybe if I gain the talent I would TOTALLY do that so thank you so much for the suggestion @Dres: haha thanks! Oh! I infringe because I don't have the creativity to create such artwork so I just use my technique of what I have of it and copy premade pictures IRL. I'm trying my best to gain better experience and hope to bring that into SL but I just needed to know this for future use
  11. Thank you everyone for taking the time to post on this thread. So this raises up a few more questions that I thought up of. One being what are examples of public domain pictures and the other is more on the copy right issue of things. I constantly see icons and symbols from major companies, as someone stated, Disney. I can go to the market place and find several shirts with Mickey Mouse on them. Same thing with hello kitty or spongebob squarepants. I see shirts or toys from the exact same picture I can located through google images and still these merchants are able to sell their product regardless of copyright issues and such and im pretty sure they didnt get the rights from disney. So,my question is what allows them to do that when they are clearly just taking the image and slapping it on a mesh shirt or any object for that matter or even advertisement. By no means am I saying that the people that say that I can't infringe work are wrong, I just don't see what the people who are selling those products are doing where I can't just by having some fun and copying and image I like or an image a friend or client may like and recreating it through paint. Also, it's true I don't mind the lindens but I would also sell the paintings as kind of a small Time hobby and not a huge corporation. I would love to make someone's day by painting them a picture but I'm not going to lie and pretend like I'm a saint an do of for free unless they're a close friend. Also one last question, if this idea is scrapped, can I at least display what I infringed in my SL house and not sell it but just display it? Thanks again so much for all of your help.
  12. I am buying a new laptop in fact! :matte-motes-big-grin: Here are the specs of the laptop I plan on purchasing: OPERATING SYSTEM Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit, English HARD DRIVE 750GB SATA 3Gb/s (7,200 RPM) VIDEO CARD NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M with 1GB GDDR5 PROCESSOR 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ processor (6MB Cache, up to 3.4GHz) MEMORY 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz Also, if it helps, here's my info from Speedtest.net: PING: 32ms Download Speed: 11:08 Mps Upload Speed: 1.43 mps If ya need any more info just ask and I'll do mh best! Thanks!
  13. At the moment I have a GeForce GT 525M and was running SL and thought it was running...OKAY. I usually hit about 20 fps when theres a few people but when it comes to large crowds or even just a few people dancing within a semi-large area, those numbers drop to 4 FPS. I would like to keep a high and stable FPS without any jerkyness to it such as stated before (20 fps or even higher would be great) in those larger regions or with alot of people. So which graphics card number would be best for it? I believe I heard the number in the 10's place is the horse power and I'm guessing I'm not all that in that specific category. :( I just want to be able to visit popular places with other avatars on mid/high settings turned on. Im looking at this GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M with 1GB GDDR5 Will this GPU get what I want done, or is there more to it? THANK YOU!
  14. So, I was thinking of creating a painting business where customers had the ability to choose the EXACT image of what they want (through google or any other search engine) and I try to copy that image and make it into a painted version of that image. I mean it's not totally copying and pasting that image and plastering my signature on it but I'm taking my time to actually mimic the look so I'm not sure if that's theft or not. If it's nessasary, I will TOTALLY 100% give all credit to the original artist, but I would also want my Lindens for my work as well. If you could, also post any information from the kowledge base or wiki to confirm your reply.Thanks in advance!
  15. So as I understand, SL is a fickle sort when it comes to using wireless internet. Is there a way in which I can get just as good connection as a wired one? I don't lag terribly (only in huge areas with many avatars but that's natural) but I would like to hit a higher fps. I usually get around 15-25 but I can hit up to 47 if I''m REALLY lucky and it looks so beautiful! So what can I do to make my average fps high as well? Thank you!
  16. The PP is also a cafe but I understand how you feel, you want something like a coffee house correct? I too have had some trouble finding some but the one I recommend is the Pixel Bean but idk if it's still operating. Tell me if you find something like tht, it sounds fun!
  17. Hey there Spinell! There are in fact a few restaurants around in SL and prices differ just like IRL. Some charge for different types of food/meals and you have restaurants (like the one I work for) which y ou arecharged on where you are seated such as different scenic dining areas (dock, gazebo, mainroom, etc.). If you would like to come and visit for a look-see, Just search "The Pixel Pot" in places and it should pop up and we'll answer any questions you have and of course we'll take you and a friend if you want to dine as well! Have a good one!
  18. If they seriously wanted to know the answer to their question, they would have least have taken the time to properly write it rather than half-a**ing it and writing text garble. I agree with you with the posting of links...if they did what was stated before.(writing their question like a derp and it's hard to comprehend with incredbly poor grammer and use of text language) Some say it's better for others to learn on their own and do their own work trying to find the answers (which is what you were trying to aim at). I believe this is nessasary if the questions are VERY obvious like, "How do I walk?" or "How do I find the destination guide?" or something reallly easy which could be found through google with a few clicks. However, if the answers are too vague for them such how do I do this or that which is not listed on the LL knowledge base and difficult to locate through google and you know the answer, I would suggest just telling them straight up to save their time and for actually typing out their question properly.
  19. I see, I didn't know you can have more than one account on a single email.com. Im just planning on making a new account later on my B-day so me and my avi share the same rez-day and b-day I was worried I won't be able to do so.
  20. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alt_account_policies (it says 5 but my friend told me it's like 10 or something, I just want to know if I delete an alt when I'm at the limit that I can just make another one without going over the limit per household or will LL be like "nope, can't do that, once you go over that limit that's it"
  21. How many accounts are you allowed to make isn't it 5? If I go over this limit, can I just delete an alt to make another or will it not matter? Thank you :)
  22. Hello, I am hoping to find someone to help me make a hairstyle for my avatar when I create a new account. Image: http://nichijou.wikia.com/wiki/Special:NewFiles?file=Tomioka_01.jpg&until=20111202111722 I will give more detail to pay and such but for now just IM me inworld and I'll be sure to get back to you. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! :)
  23. There are some things in which I can heavily relate RL to SL. This is one of them. IMHO, saying that SL has a main objective, or how I see it, a "goal", is to say the same about RL. We all have heard the "What's the meaning of life?" question and I think it can even relate to SL. I mean, what's the point of life and living? So, to that I have to say it all depends on the person. Like you said about what you think the object of SL is. It's all well and good for some, but some don't care about taking care for other people and just want to go their own way. Just like RL, we have our own goals or thoughts on what's important to us because that is our own perception which some may agree to and some may not. Life has a differnt meaning to everyone. Now to say wether or not SL is a game I think it is.....a social game ( I mean that's what they call right?) However, if it weren't for that title, I wouldn't see SL as a game but a seperate world which is why it's called a "virtual world" No set goals, no scores, just you, your imagination, and freedom.
  24. First of all, when you log into SL, does it switch Nvidia or stay on the intergrated Graphics card? Try this: Right click your desktop click on Nvidia control panel Go to manage 3D settings Then add SL to the program list of software that you want to use with nvidia You can also do this by right clicking the SL icon and click "run with graphic processor" and click on nvidia. If you followed the bullet points correctly, it should ay (default) next to the Nvidia option. Also, remember to update your graphics card with drivers updates from the distributor site and what not. Hope this helps!
  25. I'm on the same boat as you for the most part and though I may not be as tech savvy as some people on the forum I can tell you a few things I think which are true (any one feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) SL can run well on a laptop. I use a laptop (a dell xps 15 and a ispirion) and it runs beautifully granted you don't abuse the graphics. Many say that there are many wifi issues with them but I rarely had issues and when it did have lag issues I would just relog and the problem was solved. It just depends on your wifi connection. Have a good one and you're set! I do however believe that you won't get the full on experience and reliability from a desktop but if you don't really care, its a small price to pay. i5 is good enough for SL rather than spending the extra money for the i7 but, if you plan on using other heavy programs and such then it might be I good idea to get it.for SL, it won't make much of a difference. keep your laptop plugged in have a fan for cooling For your question on which to choose...I'm not sure myself. I'm looking at an alienware m14x which I'm using for other mmorpgs, games, and SL but you don't need to spend all that money for a power house laptop. I'm sorry I couldn't help much but I just don't want people to say a laptop is horrible for running sl because my friends and I log on through them with no problem so don't get discouraged by what some say on the forums, I think they're just directly comapring to super laptops or desktops.
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