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  1. My house was piled with huge brown balls, blocking my upstairs door. Also I am bombarded by coloured shapes and exploding flashes. I made an abuse of littering report yesterday but it's still happening.
  2. Since I had to reinstall Windows and therefore everything else, I haven't been able to see my Profile, or anyone else's. I've gone through all the settings but nothing seems to activate it. Any ideas?
  3. I deleted a Steelbucks Cup of Coffe because I couldn't put it down. Now I'm getting continuous script error notices and can't get rid of them
  4. Hi my SL world has turned bright lurid pink. Can anyone tell me how to get it back to normal please.
  5. Thanks for that! I The reason my question was so brief was that I had noticed others complaining of problems and wondered if it was a general thing. However, it has just happened again so I'll try to expand a little to see if anyone has a helpful suggestion to make. I haven't had the problem until the last week or so, when I have been trying to upload photographs from my computer to use as textures. I've been taking tutorials for basic building, textures etc and am practicing. I'm following the instructions as to pixels and multiples of 16 etc,aqnd I've uploaded 3 successfully but whenever I try to upload a pic since then I get a note saying Sorry, you've been logged out and to check my internet connection. I realise it's probably something I'm doing wrong but can't make out what.
  6. I have the same problem. I'm in Europe and find great places, playing the kind of smooth, sophisticated jazz I like but there's no-one there but me. Is there a GMT group, or groups for the more mature residents, who like to talk and listen, maybe slow dance to smooth jazz and recommend clubs and places to visit? Maybe lists of sites, places and clubs on a regular GMY circuit. If not, we could start one - maybe, if there's enough interest.
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