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  1. Thanks guys, i will try to see how i can do something now! Thanks very much!
  2. Hello there, this is my first post here and i am already looking for help, maybe advice and ideas for my project. I recently brought a old avatar ( from 2013 if i am right ), its a old one made or prims, yes i know, today day we use mesh rigged bodies, but the ones we have on market dont fit my project, the body i brought was the one called Daenotaur from NIRAMYTH, the same creator of Aesthetic. Before i purchased it i knew there was no dev-kit for it, not even UVmaps, yet some people at the time it was released was able to make some mesh clothes and textures ( maybe the body had a dev-kit at the time? ), i spend 5 days looking the whole marketplace for bodies that would have the same proportions, size, height and would give the "strong" feeling the Daenotaur body already gives itself naturally, but i could not find even using deformers to deform the skeleton and the mesh after ( not to mention that its just too much work and money spend to get something similar to the body i want to use ). In the last days i managed to not "rip" the textures using illegal programs and ways, but to re-escale ( on a low quality ) the texture in a way for me to use as UVmap so i dont lose the "muscles" places in the texture, as long with the light placement it have ( so in the end i will be able to make 100% new textures for myself ), and right now i am looking to know if theres a technic, or idea, or a way you experienced creators have to create a mesh just by looking at pictures or directly inside SL, without having the 3d model a development kit gives you to work on.. I know theres might be something i am missing, maybe there is a dev-kit, but i cant find even, even a friend of mine asked the creators before i brought the body, and they said theres no dev-kit for it anymore. And sorry for my english, its not my first language..
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