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  1. Ditto, I am looking for the best resources for landlords / landowners. Found an LSL script on the wiki to make my own rent box, just wondering who else has good advice and things that worked vs. didn't work? I am trying to start a studio where different machinima creators can come in and run their own shows in front of a live audience. It would be more of a TV show type of setup with a fixed seating arrangement, cameras etc. I am moving into the scripting phase but have a nice design for the studio itself. I'll be using the space for my own show when not in use by renters, but I was thinking of charging a reasonable daily rate just to offset the cost of my tier. Only thing is I wouldn't want too many people moving things around. Definitely like the idea of using a group for management of tenants, this way I can "share" some things but not others. As a graphic designer IRL I'd be happy to help people setup the signage with their own logo or text, etc. if they are renting for a week or more. Thoughts?
  2. I would love the ability to move items from the favorites into the cart. I now have about 50 pages of favorties to scroll through when I am ready to spend my weekly stipend. Then I have to go back and manually "delete" favorites so I don't purchase twice. Quite a pain if you ask me. Also once I have purchased an item in the Marketplace, it would be great if the item was somehow marked as "purchased" the way that Amazon.com does, again so I don't purchase things twice and so I have a way of knowing if I had purchased a demo or certain variant of an item. IMHO this would make the marketplace a lot more buyer-friendly and help drive sales. Not sure why e-commerce usability has not been a focus for LL yet.
  3. Same problem with my Mac. Haven't yet tried on Windows.
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