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  1. does anyone know how to get transaction history older than 30 days ? i need to find it as i found out this morning through a group notice that an LL bug cause some stores / creators to not receive payments for items bought between march 22 and april 18. since we're the 19th and 30 days brings us to april 18th, i cannot verify to make sure things i bought was processed correctly and the creators were paid accordingly. and yes i already know i can dl to excel, and yes i already know it goes to 30 days (hence why i said that in my second paragraph and askked for older than 30 days). please do not quote what's on the site, as i already know this. i need to know how to get this right now, as there has to be way to get get history of transaction somehow, especially if someone requests this. appreciate if someone can answer the question, and not answer with how the "rules" currently work as i know already. thanks
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