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  1. Not character, but more like words. Can a Script actually catch a word found in the NC dictionary and translate them into a specified replacement word?
  2. So, I haven't the slightest clue as to how to go about writing a script for an RP Chatter (I.e. an object worn that, when you type with /4 instead of /me, it displays your post in green text with an RP name that isn't your SL or Display Name) that substitutes words from an NC dictionary listing both a word in English and its translation into a fictional language. Specifically, it'd want it translatable onto to someone else who is wearing a copy of the object and only to translate the words between Quotation marks, denoting it is spoken. I'm not sure how to do this, let alone if it is even possible. Can anyone offer an insight?
  3. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments in my RP history was the Battle for Uvena Prime in Star Wars RP. The Sith-led military, The Revanant Armada, Had occupied the planet for a number of years before the Jedi and local frèedom fighters finally rose up to fight. The might of the Armada was great, however and to really turn thetide of the battle, the old Jedi Sage, Master Marcus Moreau, gave the ultimate sacrifice. He used a high-powered version of Force Light while becoming one with the Force (Jedi join the force when they die, sometimes involving bodily disappearence) to severely soften up the Sith. The battle was won, but the losses were great and I remember that time rather fondly. So, now I'm seeking new Players For SWRP. Feel free to IM me in World. I am a big Hapes Consortium proponent and I have an In Character Corporation (that happens to be the same name as my SLX store).
  4. I am biologically male IRL, feel transgendered, but cant exactly afford an operation. I am an avid roleplayer and usually play a female. SL is my outlet to be the beautiful woman I feel I was meant to be. Furthermore, I am only interested in females IRL, but I am willing to RP erotically with borh gendera id/when the Rp calls for it. I dont mind telling people this, really, but I consider it rude to be demanded to provide voice verification of feminity. I am not actively seeking a relationship, considering I dont do long distance nor do women exist anywhere near me who find me attractive or desireable, nor care for my gender identity, sexuality notwithstanding. My avi is the INNER me, which is all that matters at the end of the day.
  5. Star Wars RP is always looking for more RPers. However, I think there are too many Sith wannabe "villains" running about. The jedi are sim camping and apathetic.... not jedi-like much. I personally seek Hapans, Since i have been working so hard to raise interest in building the Hapes Consortium, albeit in vain.
  6. I am rather eagerly and perhaps despirately seeking new RPers for Star Wars RP. In particular, I am trying to build an active, high quality Hapes Consortium faction. You can learn of the Hapes Consortium and the Hapan race on Wookiepedia. If interested, please IM me in-world or Message me here.
  7. could try playing a male Hapan in Star Wars RP. I play a female Hapan. Hapans are a matriarchal society ofvery beautiful Humans. Look them up on wookiepedia for more information-
  8. I am tired of my IC combat abity beng dictated by how powerful my computer is. My skill withthe CS i use isnt the problem. What IS my probkem is the fact my computer is not very powerful and as a result iget a lggy 15 FPS on a good day. I also prefer to RP insead of competitivly gaming. If you wanna fight me ICly, then Its FFC (non-metered RP combat) or no combat. competitive combat sytems destory larger rp communities
  9. çlick click click, c c c, spam spam spam... i remember GM. no skill... period. its who can button mash faster and who has the better computer. when Gor allows FFC (non-metered RP combat) Then I'll return to Gor. My computer just cant handle meter and I like ROLEPLAY... Not competitive gaming. competition betwèen factions on an OOC level destroys RP communities. This might be the time for you to try out FFC and sèe what your In Character skill is like. If someone cant give and take maturely, then roll dice to solve the dispute. less competition means much more roleplay. to be honest, it isnt fair if some has a slower computer and no matter what simply cannot win. As a result, their computer makes them better or worse... especiallly in GM which does not accurately reflect lifeilike and realistic combat. Furthermore, since disallowing poison, women in "BTB" sims can't be the underhanded and deceptive bitchesthey are forced by Gorean culture to be. =/
  10. I RP star wars and i utterly hate meter combat... also, i don't need a meter to tell me when to eat or sleep. meter, to me just breaks immersion and really only exists to satiate those who are competitive... which destroys larger RP commuities. besides, i don't have a computer that can keep up with those who have fast gaming rigs. I get maybe 15 fps on a good day. so, my reason for shunning meters are threefold: 1:) I lag bad, 2:) its for people too lazy to ACTUALLY RP out their combat/inconvenient life functions, and 3:) its for competitve gamers who dont care if they destroy what is meant to be a co-operative RPing communitywith drama-filled competitive gaming... also, those with inferior computers end up categorised as "easy-pckings" and "weakling, payng no heed nor care to In-Character skill. futhermore, if someone cannot give and take like a mature storyteller, then roll some dice.
  11. I had a similar issue... The customer successfully received the item and was charged. however, I never received payment. my transaction historysays "being delivered" still and it's been more than 8 hours.... Should I be worried?
  12. Well, I'd like to know something similar. I'm a victim of Group usurpation... I got pressured into giving up my ownership of a group when it was handed down to me by a couple others and I gave in, foolishly. I want my group back, as my trust in those I gave it up to is dwindling and I do not want to see the project I worked pretty hard on to fall through again.
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