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  1. Does GM = Game Master? I will do as you recommend - thank you!
  2. Jem Button

    GM Meter

    I am not able to get a GM meter from a dispenser. I know it is not the dispenser. I think there is some thing in my inventory ...any one know any thing? Also, is there a GM forum somewhere?
  3. What happens if you clear "Inventory Cache?"
  4. Ok, thanks Marianne...I will try this
  5. I am not able to get a GM meter from a dispenser. Does anyone know anything about this problem? Also, is there a GOR forum - maybe that would be a better place for this discussion.
  6. How do I clear my cache. Is that not a false fix?
  7. I log on and run through a woods only to have some yell at me that I don't have a meter. Well I had one but it disappeared! So I run back to the meter dispenser and touch it. I put the meter on and it says, "waiting on meter sync" and then " meter disabled." So, I get rid of my old meters and touch another dispenser and the same thing happens. What is wrong? Did someone give me a trick object that is interfering with my meter? This is happening in GM Combat areas (of GOR). Please someone help me!
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