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  1. I actually knew what I was getting myself into I also do not clicked on link who may be dodge or untrustworthy, don't take this personally, yu could be a mum or have a disability which yu feel yu need to express I completely understand yu concerns and I do see how it may be interpret, but the joke is truly on the one who had No patience and No disability. The moral of the story is truly ' To Be Patient'. I am sorry yu did not catch that phase but no worries..
  2. They were 2 men having a chat while walking down the road, the first man told the other " did.. did... did yu see it ? " his pal replied " no what ?" he answered: "thaaaat gal who pass next to yu a... a... a while ago " he replied: " pfff, no I did not ", further down the road he ask his pal again: "did di di did yu see it...?" he replied: "no what ?" , he replied: " th tha that store I bought me...my..first record 6 yrs ago..!", his friend replied: "no I did not..", few meters down the road, he then tell his friend again: Did did di did yu see it..?", his friend replied " yes I saw it", he then replied; "ssss ssso so why did yu walk in it lol ..?" Ps this is a joke someone told me a longtime ago, I dont really know if it is still has value or if it is still funny but I gave it a try..!!!
  3. No I haven't but I really appreciate the suggestion, Thanks a lot.
  4. I dont think this is accurate but have yu ever been the victim of crime ? well, yu heart will race after it occurred and it's an horrible feeling !
  5. Tyvm for yur understanding and yur time and Im really sorry yu had to go through this sort of patronizing afterward. It's clear to say that yu know what itis like to be the victim of crimes, it's horrible and the prevention is better than the cure. Thanks I did not mean to sound like that cuz I certainly is not a racist, the profile picture RL of those offenders were that way..
  6. Hey, I have a problem who is a breach of TOS guidelines, a group of people have decided to make my life on second life awkward, by divulging false informations about my real life outside the virtual world, they found a way to track my movement online and are harassing me by telling other people gross things about me, and it seems that they may well pretend to be what they are not and ppl do seems to endorse what they are telling them. I feel that this group are revealing my location, name, what I may look like and other things that are private or false to make sure ppl have doubt about my intentions, when they get to a place where I am people seems to leave and go after 10mn of their arrival, they use to push me and trying to spam where I was to make me crash, it has been 3 years now that they go everywhere I am on second life and they mostly have black avatars aka black ppl, it is important to say that I have quit the game for 2 years prior to this harassement, I need to know what I can legally do, cuz they find ways to either create new avatars after I have block them or find people to do their dirty work by giving them lindens, I need to be monitor or advice on what the right course of action is, it has to stop, so help me plz..!!
  7. Something is wrong with My profile from about a week ago, I've noticed my name was changed to ' digitaltaylor ' and his picture appear on my profile, all the date backward from that date has his name instead of mine on all my flux and pictures and messages, I'm really worry about this constant problems who I do not seems to get a proper evaluation or solutions, I need to know how to proceed ???
  8. My block button is still not working and allow trouble makers to spoil my adventure, I really need this to be fix, it does not function in the way it was, something went wrong now I would not be here if it was working ..!!
  9. I try to block ppl and it does not work properly, I can still see their chat and their and my avatars can see each other clearly like nothing happen, the only thing it shows is that the individual is 'block' (on top of his avatars).?
  10. The block buttons use to make invisible those who give us grief by making Sl a difficult place to live and it was great to just block unwanted trouble makers, but now the block button only 'block them' without making them invisible to us, which is back to square one, what is the point to undo that function ?? Also I still can see his chat on the 'local' and so can he, plus he's avatar is not at all cloudly, he's perfectly visible after the block and even after coming back another day nothing changes, I still can read his chat and he or she even say 'hello' to give me grief for concern.. so something is wrong ?
  11. I have had problems with consulting profiles on sl, it does not show me any profile, not even mine, the page show 'something went wrong' and it show me the 'help' link and 'second life' link (like I was a beginner and it was okay 5 days ago, but now no access at all ? Why?
  12. I had a Linden box' it was a costume for Halloween, as I wear it to open it, the box mutliply into so many of the same box 'popping out' while I was wearing it, I could not see my avatar anymore, I try to 'detach' or undo the box back to my 'objects' or closet and it did not respond, I then try to move land and it did not stop so I try to get rid of the box and open it on land and it did not rez the box and left it on my avatars, I try repeatedly to get rid of the boxes (by now they multiply without end) so I log out and relog and then it let me remove the box and it is still in the 'bin' if someone want to help understanding why it is doing it, one more thing as the box was on my avatar, a message was coming each times the box was popping out a new box, and it was like 'Linden labs....something...' like a vendetta, furthermore as I was on a land who approved unloading (boxes) I did not realized that some boxes did come out on that land as it did not show on my screen and as I was completely submerged by boxes popping out I absolutely did not see any of them on the land, the 'Owner has mention making a complaint and It was beyond me, so I have explained to her, My main concern is I still have that box ''in my bin' and it would like if someone could have a look at it, I mean a technician from Linden's...!?
  13. Thx, I'm glad I'm not the only one in that phase as I have met others in that condition that would not be logical since all upgrades are compulsory. I have change the settings for the brightness and it work, glad you have answered.
  14. Since the new Upgrade just few days ago, I can not wear my blonde hair because the color doesn't not appear right, I have notice that all those who use Blonde hair or white boots or anything too bright (cream light or blondish) does not show correctly, a part of the hair is showing while the other parts does not finalize the color as it suppose to be, instead it seems there is a shadow on one part of the hair while the other part is showing normally, it's rly frustrating cos no one can rly buy blonde hair and see the mesh correctly, I notice all sl is in that phase, I rly hope that something will be done about it, cos the lost of revenue for many shops will be felt xx
  15. I have notice each time I go to my armory and use one of my garment who isn't listed, the item load on my avatar and all my armory dissapear till I press the arrow button twice to reapeared x am I the only one having that problem?? and this is since the new upgrade..!! If yu know anything about it, Plz let me know, Ty.
  16. This is unreal but so real, good job x Where shall I post an Image for 'Pick of the day' ??
  17. It does the same thing to me, but I guess now I could be able to do it since this is my first post xx
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