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  1. I literally just researched all of this today but for a much different reason! Had to solve an age old SL mystery. I would say best bet - decide on where you want your image to go in SL (profile pic, marketplace store, classifieds, etc) - basically where are you going to use it? Once you know, then look up via that Second Life Wiki he gave you, to see what the Aspect Ratio is for the place you want to put it (profile pics are 4:3 ratios). Create the base file in Photoshop or Gimp - whatever you have - using the aspect ratio of choice. Make sure the largest side is no more than
  2. Definitely another person to say just use the lens zoom in and out (Ctrl + 0 to zoom in, Ctrl + 8 to zoom out, Ctrl + 9 for back to homebase). One thing to remember though, using the Ctrl + choices, operates like a zoom lens in real life. The more you zoom in, the more compressed the image planes become. The effect this gives, is that anything in the background, is much bigger than it would look at a 50mm lens (homebase). And when zoomed out, items in the distance end up appearing slightly smaller than usual. Plus, the wider an angle (zooming out) means that there is more distortion radia
  3. Looks to me like wind lighting, specular, materials and the new "pores" that makers are building into their mesh heads and bodies. There are so many useful ways to get this inworld, with no post-processing - especially if you have a beefy machine and can handle the Ultra settings. Maitreya, Lelutka, Genus & Legacy right now, all offer the types of mesh that cater to inworld photography. Between the maps and shine, you can generally get a very very realistic look for highlights on skin. You can dial back on the levels of intensity so that its not wet or overpowering. Sure, you cou
  4. Hi again! I had looked high and low for info on changing the aspect ratio for already uploaded images, or even assigning a certain ratio to images that I was in the middle of uploading. I didn't find any concise, direct data, so I figured it was time for another video! There is probably so much more I could touch on, but I really just wanted to answer quickly, my oldest curiosity of this one, simple tool in SL. Please feel free to share any feedback on this or let me know if you have any questions!
  5. How big do you need the image to be and what resolution in world? Knowing that makes a difference.
  6. Please do not use my thread to inflame people about this viewer. If you have an issue, take it up in your own thread or report that to whomever you think needs to know. I support Niran and unless you’re information is both coherent and accurate, I don’t care to have it piggybacked on my thread.
  7. Thats awesome Aedan! Thanks so much for the feedback, please let me know if there are other topics you would like to see covered!
  8. Just a little cam fun and dance - notice the amazing Black Dragon cam attached to a choice spot on my avi's skeleton. Machinima using Black Dragon
  9. Thanks Jackson and good advice! I'd be happy to! I used to struggle to find good info out there - at least info that was intuitive or gave a decent play-by-play so I am hoping this helps!
  10. I enjoy sharing helpful info, and after a lot of people asking, I took some personal time and created a series of videos on photography in SL. I am using a third party viewer (Black Dragon) simply because that viewer was designed for users to push past limitations in other viewers. If you want to check it out, please see the 10 part series here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6cNWafb3OdYvJQwrSOsmg?view_as=subscriber Questions are also welcome below! I might be slow to respond, but I will try! The videos are a bit dry, but they definitely have a lot of content.
  11. Hi all! After trying to explain to people multiple times and not finding what I thought was the most thorough of explanations in regards to BoM - I created a video on it. I know there are a few out there, but I did a play-by-play on how it works. Lots of folks have watched it and really liked how I explained it, so please feel free to take a peek. I hope it helps out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpLeHdVVqXw
  12. All you beautiful girls out there - looking for a new home? The Big O is looking for exceptional avatars with exceptional abilities! We pride ourselves in having some of the best staff around SL - and our family is nothing but a ball of fun - why not make money enjoying it? Base pay + tips percentages - and a full sim to enjoy - come see what makes us so unique! Don't forget to pick up an application at JobsFox for consideration! Or IM vampirelicker 201 Resident for an application
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