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  1. now i see why your friends are drifting away binder59 i would too if i was your friend you came across as being very rude to the person who asked for help about skins
  2. i was thinking the same thing and there is always 2 sides to every story
  3. there is a solution, you could make a new avie
  4. if i was that sim owner i wouldnt just ban someone because someone had told me something about them i would find out if it was true first
  5. bigger fool her thats all i can say,got no sympathy for people like that,alarm bells should have rung as soon as this person asked her for the money
  6. waves hands up heres another brit and proud of it :matte-motes-kiss:
  7. i cannot believe some people can be so stupid as to pay someone in sl to friend them on skype........................... whatever happened to common sense
  8. ugh cant log in glad i found this thread at least i know whats going on now
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