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  1. Yes still contınue from Turkey can not log in the secondlife server or game
  2. Hi Tonight after 6 pm there is no connection fromTurkey in any way
  3. For Looking for a hostess for my Dj sets EXPERIENCED APPLICANTS given top priority!!! *Reliable, Friendly, Outgoing & Fun *Must speak English *Prefer to be at European time zone *Must be 30 days old & 18 yrs old RL *Please provide your own tip jar all tips are yours! MY All sets will be between 1.00 am to 6 .00 am slt
  4. HOst ve Hostness yapabilecek yeterli ingilizcesi olan tüm tipler ona gidecek becerikli ve istekli bir kişi arıyorum Tesekkürler
  5. thnk you for your answer . but ıt ısnot about the prepaıd creadıt cards. the place where ı live and the credit card ı use ıs opposite countries. because of it they make my payment risky statues
  6. Can't rez object at { 128.807, 112.29, 47.4101 } because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership. i have premium linden At Jenots mesa 139,115.51 (mature) rebel but i dont use my prims . there is 117 simulator primitive usage but i didnt take and moveanything to linden house from my inventory pls solve this problem or tell me how do i solve this questions?
  7. Hi İ have a Premium Linden And İ m the owner Of the Linden. But İ can put any furniture to my linden. There is a problem about the owner permission How do i correct it? And Also There is amissing part on the floor.
  8. I can not login either from Turkey for 1 hours
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