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  1. I see people on group chats, talking with their letters like that. I was wondering how to do this, How may I do this command?
  2. I'm looking for someone to create me an amazing profile picture for my second life account, I'm pretty 'new' on this whole photography thing. I need someone to please, edit my picture for me through photoshop and maybe make it look. Nice Someone like picture, my face with a beautiful body or something. (Link here) -- Someone help please and IM me in-world and I'll let you know deeds.
  3. CindyWho183


    I'm looking for some pretty good looking skins that will go with around, any type of shape... If you have any good places that YOU like in general... Please leave a link I'd appreciate it tons. Thanks ~ Cindy
  4. I'm looking for some realistic skin that will go with just about any shape. Anyone have ideas? Looking for around a tan base, not that pale.
  5. I was wondering how do I change my forums picture on the left side of me, I want it to be a picture of my avatar or something different besides the symbols they have picked out for us. I'm pretty new to stuff like this.
  6. Thank you guys so very much I sure am appreciating it xoxox
  7. I'm fine with straight or whatever they have didn't have to be curled. Thank you muches Trixie xoxox
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    I need an idea, I really like the half shaved idea but I'm not sure of a lot of places to find the half shaved idea... Hair Like This If you have any ideas, please comment. and post link. I need one, thank you.
  9. I like being a creator, but I'm still learning. I'm learning from this turtorials to make skins - http://robin-makingstuff.blogspot.com/2011/02/youre-new-skin-step-1-gimp.html?zx=74dc8f1cfc9876c0 only thing is, I'm still learning how to copy the pictures to folder as told. But thank you for help:)
  10. Robin, the turotorial you have picked. It's just so simple and easy, I think that turotorial would fit the best with you.
  11. If you're great at customer support, know a lot about sims, parcels, prim count and anything else pertaining to land, you could see if there's currently any Land Rentals hiring agents. Most of them don't have a set schedule of when you have to work. Pay varies, but the job is fun eeek! I'm guessing I need to study more about this game then skins & shapes or hosting hahha.
  12. Hi, I'm getting pretty interested into making skins, could someone give me a turtorial link to use that would be the simpliest to learn the fastest. I'm using Gimp 2.8, I go better by seeing and hearing... or instructions, 1 by 1. Thank you , -Cindy
  13. So, I'm not on here ALWAYS.. I'm wanting a job that I don't really need a TIME to be here, I could just come on whenever. I was a host, but I have to schedule myself every week and I can't always make it on time. I want to be a builder but then again, I have to compete with other creators as well and may not get paid so well. So I really have NO IDEA on what to be on here to get good pay... I know a old friend of mine who done 3,000L a DAY.. But I don't really remember what he said he was.. He made necklaces I believe. But could someone please throw me some ideas to get some good pay...!!! Because most the pretty stuff I adore is just way out my budget.. ( 3,000L - estimate ) of what I am wanting to buy.
  14. Thank you, trying now. and Sorry if post in wrong section. Just not really imfored a lot about forums just yet. IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU
  15. Okay, so. When I sign into my husbands account, it loads. BUT when I sign into MINE. It does nothing but does smoke, (I'm using firestorm v4.2.2.29837 I've clicked - detach all, but I have no clue. I've even tried loading new places. It will not load.
  16. Thank you guys, VERY much. I appreciate. So I am very glad I did NOT buy the shape. I just want a shape to look professionally, but I'm not really professonial on this shopping thing... If I just get a professional skin, I can make my own shape?
  17. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/50-SALE-Shape-02-PERFECT-FOR-WEARING-WITH-MESH/3658050 hi, I've been on marketplace fooling around all day and I want my avatar to look really realistic.. and well, this is one that I could find that I like. Just one quick question, it only has the shape with it... but it also has a skin that goes with it.. I was just wondering if the shape and skin comes with it or if I just use a cheap skin I have already in my inventory to pop out the shape and it will still look as good? I've really new to mesh.. but if someone could help me it would help me lots. xxx Thank you, - Cindy
  18. I'm using someone elses skin they've made. So maybe I should just stick to making my own shapes for myself until I figure out how to make skins similar as their but not 100% gaurteed the greatest.
  19. CindyWho183


    Hi, So I've been on Secondlife for a while now.. But the only jobs I've came across is hosting, Dj and other things that you HAVE to have a time schedule for... I want a job that I don't need to be there at a certain time.. I know creating like jewerly and having my own shops wouldn't be that much of trouble. BUT! I tried doing PRIM HAIR... mine didn't work the way I was told... same with the prim skirt. Could I sell my shapes without my skin? I do not know how to make a skin... Skin templates are quiet confusing and complicated for me.
  20. Thank you very much, Ylalian.. I'm going to start learning soon as I get time:) Haven't really had enough time lately. I've been working and etc. But thanks again and to the users that have also helped me:) "check out youtube vids - for instance "creating skin for secodlife" or something like this... (you can look for clothes creation too)" I've looked everywhere, either everything is out of date or everything else. It's just ugh, I've tried doing a prim skirt from here ... http://www.mermaiddiaries.com/2006/12/day-97-making-flexi-prim-skirts-with.html It seems that there isn't a build control called hole on my firestorm viewer. It only says, Hollow and I've tried doing 0.30 but doesn't work for that quiet either. So I have no clue. It goes to 0.3 I followed step by step. But doesn't get it finished.
  21. Tamara no I have not tried making a template before making skin. It's pretty confusing me. This is why I need a video, so I can follow step by step by what they're doing. I don't do well with reading because there may be words there I don't understand. Not a professional at all this stuff you know and I've only been here a few months. I know how to make a shape.. I just need to know how to do a skin template with the lines and how to make the skin. I might be asking for too much here, hehe. But I was wondering how do you blend the colors of the skin like kind of like smudge the skin to make it blend... to make the arms and legs , etc.. Thank you ry0ta for the help on the turtorial. Oh pointer!! I'm using GIMP. Don't have photoshop...
  22. Hi Tarama, thanks for answering. How do I exactly upload a template in SL? I took this template from google that was from another user. (Not mine) this is how I've played with the template so far.. So could someone please make a video:( I'm quiet confused just a bit. I'm not sure how to get the template in-world.
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