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  1. Yep! I just found this exact bug. In the Firestorm Viewers. The most recent one and the one precdeing it. I became a cloud after the steps you outlined and nothing was fixing it. After installing the latest FS release I did another Google search for the rebake fail. Found your post here. Removed a tatoo I was wearing and immediately, there I was. Thank you.
  2. I've been having a few tiny issues but nothing relating to DD as of yet. Well, sometimes, today, the merchant outbox is slow to connect. But *nothing* like what you just described. Man, I'd be soooo upset! I hope you're able to get it figured out and back to normal quickly.
  3. I still use the magic box for one-of-a-kind items like Wyrmwood fairy eggs. LL hasn't fixed the DD to handle those items as of yet. It appears that the MP unassociated inventory doesn't see all the eggs. A few seem to be causing problems. And I can't find any rhyme or reason why specific eggs are not being seen. One of a kind rares aren't being seen and some are just common not-valuable eggs. I can have 10 of the same kind of egg in there and they're all "seen" and a number is added to differenciate the eggs, 1-10 for instance. I've been fighting with this problem for several days. S
  4. *Raises hand* I'm guilty of not removing items from boxes before transferring them to DD. Just way too many items to go through. And the editing in mass doesn't work. At least not for me.
  5. The boxes aren't working very well atm. I'm still using the box for one-of-a-kind items like my Wyrmwood Fairy Eggs. However, suddenly, the box is not synching properly with the unassociated items page. I had 80 items in the box and it only ever saw 52 of them no matter what I did. I've tried using both types of boxes. I currently am at the stage of starting with a fresh box and added one item to the box. It's not showing in the unassociated items page. It does show in the registered servers page. It seems to be only certain fairy eggs that are doing this. There's no rhyme or reason though as
  6. I've tried everything listed to do as far as I'm aware. Can't read the blog article so I'm not for sure. But even after what appeared to be a sim restart the unassociated items are still showing only 52. And there are 80 items in the Xstreet box. I have no idea what to do now.
  7. Sigh, I so badly want to read your blog post but every time I try to go there I get this: This blog is currently shut down while we resolve some security issues. It will return online as soon as we are able to resolve this issue. Our apologies for any inconvenience this creates.
  8. Thank you, IIyra. Trying this now. I was having major problems with items I *know* are in the boxes not showing after a resynch. I had even emtpied and deleted the boxes and replaced with new ones. No joy. On the server page the two old boxes were still showing. Working on updating all this now. Keeping everything crossed that will crossed. This is so frustrating! ETA: After following all the steps listed in your post and the one you were replying to, I'm still missing items that *are* in the magic box in-world but are still not showing up in the MP. Grrrrr. ETA: Went through the ste
  9. If the items haven't been delivered why are they missing? These are fairy eggs in that particluar order I mentioned. Two of them and when I click on the listings they both show as not available. In the listing edit it shows as 0 quantity. Yep, I'm confused.
  10. I've been seeing this off and on for the past week now. I'm not using the new system. I have one sale currently that shows as queued. The items have been sent but I've not received payment for them as yet. So what do I do...just wait? The sale took place within the past 12 hours. Oddly enough, a couple of weeks ago I had the reverse happen to me as a buyer. I paid for the item and never received it. Yet it showed as not delivered and not paid for. That entire batch of items showed as not delivered yet they all were except for that *one* item. I must state that the mechant was awesome in the w
  11. I've had a lot of the false failed deliveries the past week. Little glitches when editing associated object. It will show me an item I've already listed just before the current one I'm editing. So if I choose that item from the list I get an error when viewing it after the edit. In purchasing on the MP I had entire batches of orders showing as never delivered yet they were. So it's been an interesting time for the past couple of weeks or so now.
  12. Knowing the problems the MP already had and seems to have had for longer than I've been selling I was in no hurry to jump on this bandwagon. I knew they were going to have many many problems. They always do. So I'm sticking with my in-world boxes for inventory transfer to customers.
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