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  1. This is Suga wanting to know if you are okay. You were by far one of the most fun people I've ever known in world. I miss your spontaneouity! the good times we had are some of the best memories I have of sl. You are more than welcome to hit me up anytime. I've missed you! I just noticed this section of the boards... glad there's something like this for sl.
  2. --------- Very good point ! I agree. I know he is one person providing two distinct se rvices and I choose to tip knowing this. I also could choose to only tip once because it is part of the total business service he provides. My point is you have the information to make an informed choice. ----------- I have never been a DJ in sl but, I have been a host. From what I've heard being a DJ is a work load ...in and of it's self ...and I know from personal experience being a host is no easy job. From being steadily alert to every avatar entering a sim and greeting each one accordindly to browsing through your inventory for suitable gestures which apply to whatever event you have going on, to inviting people onto your dance chimera and keeping the crowd lively and alert, alll while battling that "club scene" LAG MONSTER!. In respect to all these tasks I say, if this DJ was indeed alting and performing all these tasks he deserves tips as both characters!! That way if you prefer his hosting as opposed to his DJing, you can tip his little host girl.. or if you prefer his DJing .. tip the DJ toon.. or if you prefer both, then tip both.. What is the big issue here? The guy is keeping you lot entertained while working overtime! in a game at that! And it's not like both positions combined make more than $10 to $20 a session and that's on a good day!.
  3. ------ I think that when in SL, be in SL, and forget about what is on the other side, all to often you WILL be disappointed if you get hung up on the keyboard operator. Forget about the handler, pay attention to the Avatar. --------- Couldn't have put this any better.
  4. Ha! love this I have never... had a tattoo irl. gotten SL married
  5. Doesn't the viewer interface have translations? Marketplace also has translations as well so, I don't see what would stop the Chinese audience from using SL if they don't already. I think most of their gamers use WOW. idk
  6. I cannot begin to count the number of times someone in sl has "suspected" or "accused" another resident of being an alt and turned out to be wrong. Bottom line, you have no idea who sits behind that computer until you've met in person or are Linden Labs. Even then not everyone is who they seem. When will people grow some sense and get over this notion of thinking they know someone when they really don't.
  7. Oh goodness! finally!. I uploaded over 10 different pictures until it finally looked right. Thanks everyone <3
  8. How do I make my forum avatar as big as you guys?
  9. I made this earlier today. It's pretty crappy and when I uploaded it in world it looked like it will need some serious textures to look half way decent... I keep referring to "it" as "it" because, I have no idea what it is. ahahaha I am a huge mesh, sculpty noob anyway but, I think what you've made are fabulous! And if you can build something like that in sl imagine what you can do with zbrush if you just gave it sometime!
  10. This sounds interesting! I'll be PMing you as well
  11. Where do you RP? I am looking for a good community to join up with. Something I can get involved in that won't require that much combat. You can PM in world if you like.
  12. Most if not all SL relationships end in heartbreak, drama and yet another stranger knowing your personal business. Buy a meeroo?
  13. Some Gorean sims hold auctions sometimes lol. I've seen some avatars go for 5k and up.. all for a chance at rp or whatever else they do when they are bought
  14. RUN NOW as fast as you can! Before it's too late! ahahah welcome to SL And the above words will only make sense 2 or more years from now. Have fun though! <3
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