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  1. Well Paypal has not sent me the 1099- and under the tax info. section mine states that there is no info for 2012- so- this is the "personal" leg work I spoke of. I have to contact them to see why I do not have this information. I am sure every situtaion/ individual is different- sort of like those of us who have a book keeper- (Wouldn't that be great).
  2. Pamela Galli wrote: LL has never given me any kind of report. Yes, that is what they stated, they don't provide these - so I am assuming that the majority has never had any issue with this- and thusly has had success with the information paypal provides. However, if you are not making over 20K or doing over 200 trasactions- then you have to do some extra leg work to get the tax-info (so it seems).
  3. I actually just called LL about this one as I am getting ready to file taxes as well- here in the US. Oddly enough, they told me they did not provide any verification of income forms to us (so I am assuming we have to collect these all from transaction history) YET they DO report your income to the IRS. So I am a bit confused as to how they provide this information to the government yet we can not see a copy. My issue: I will use my paypal reports for income verification purposes when I file but if the paypal form- differs Linden Labs report then it will be a bump in the IRS road map and I'll be in the auditors firing line. I guess I just don't see why they can't provide us with the information they are providing the IRS about us. In any rate- good luck to everyone with reporting this year and to those of you thinking of just by-passing it all and hoping for the best.... Please file. Even if you have to pay a little money here and now- it is a lot better than possibly paying court fees, attorneys and the Uncle Sam's charges in the future. ** edited for a side note: My tax attorney told me that for the 2013 year, to set aside 20% of all SL related income each month (in a savings account etc) and to review this after three month periods throughout the year. So after every 3 months, evaluate your proceeds and things you can report such as computer upgrades/repair software, tier payments (done is USD) etc- and file this all. It makes things a lot easier for the end year- and keeps you organized and on top of the game for when the next tax season rolls around. (thought this was great advise to share).
  4. I've just recently experienced this. I have had to redo my entire MP store due to someone flagging my items. In doing that, I have had to alter my in-world store (which has been taking days to modify demo-rezzers etc.) as well to reflect these changes. As my homes feature adult animations I now have had to redo and repackage each home with a (pg) version bed so that the homes remain available to all consumers. I understand that it was my oversight when initially setting up the items and I should have done this from the beginning- but the pictures don't display anything explicit and it seems a bit far fetched to have to list homes under the same category as genital enhancements. I also know that veteran competitors, whose products already monopolize the majority of our list section, have been listing and still do list homes with adult beds, under the mature/general categories. They have for years. I'm not speaking poorly on behalf of competitors, after all, there are enough people in SL that every merchant should be able to share a bit of the population but what is fair for one should be fair and enforced for all. They need an upgraded system with more categories - and if someone should be flagging items, it should be someone in relation to LL vs. disgruntal consumers or competitors or alts thereof. -Ev
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