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  1. Hello everyone!!! ::CD:: is looking for an events manager to act as a liaison for upcoming hunts, gachas and promotions. This is a light position with not too many duties, just keeping the store posted on upcoming events and being the lead contact for such. If you are interested, please send a note-card to Evhalyn Serpente in world to discuss duties, experience and pay (or land) / incentives . (( Great communication skills [ verbal/written ] are of course required)) Thanks everyone -Evha
  2. Hello everyone!!! ::CD:: is looking for an events manager to act as a liaison for upcoming hunts, gachas and promotions. This is a light position with not too many duties, just keeping the store posted on upcoming events and being the lead contact for such. If you are interested, please send a note-card to Evhalyn Serpente in world to discuss duties, experience and pay (or land) / incentives . (( Great communication skills [ verbal/written ] are of course required)) Thanks everyone -Evha
  3. Thanks for the information. I am one of those who yes: want my money when they say I'll have it. Not that it is highly relevant to the matter here: but someone mentioned them not having to wait beyond 4/5 days. There have been several times where I've actually had to call LL to find out when payments were being made as I've waited in access of up to 13 /business days (this sadly, was around Christmas time when I needed the funds by xx date. I realize the holiday was probably why everything was extremly slower than usual then but I wish it were a cut and dry timing slot they gave you. If they have their reasons (which as to some of your posts and previous threads I can assume why it takes longer- Thanks for that) then fine but if they say 5-7 business days, I expect it in 5-7 business days. In RL if I know I get paid on Friday and my boss doesn't give me my check until that following Wednesday, I'd be just as upset by this as I am here. Is it a huge deal Nah, I love Linden Labs and the platform in which they provide us. Like any business, I am sure they have string tightening to do here and there but I hope they realize that consistancy [to some of us] is very important in regards to the payout process.
  4. Why is it that whenever a question is asked: if others do not agree with the original poster, commenter's become argumentative? What ever happened to passing helpful information in a kind/adult like manner without the underlying judgment. Thanks for the response anyhow. I know how to plan my income, thank you. I just do not understand why it takes one company to do in 5 days what it takes another to do immediately. When you are waiting on a payment in access of 500USD and 3 days become 6 and 6 days become 8 it makes planning a bit difficult. I asked if anyone had more information on this, not for a financial advisor.
  5. I will. I didn't realize it had been a big topic until scrolling through them (I'm not a big forum follower). Thanks for the info.
  6. Does anyone know the update on this? I am extremely bummed out that we can no longer use Virwox for cashouts. It was super convenient to utilize the service since they put the money into your paypal right away. Now it is back to waiting 5-7 days for a cashout JUST to reach paypal via Secondlife. I'm hoping SecondLIfe revises this. It seems as though for whatever reason, the staff that processes payments is shorthanded or perhaps thier methods of doing so involved too many steps. Now that Virwox is unavailable, I fear it is going to take that much longer. Any thoughts, has anyone heard anything more? Thanks-
  7. Tested VirWox. Yes, fee was a bit higher but when you need the money, and can't wait the weeks it is currently taking LL- this comes in great handy. Thanks for the information! - It also posts directly to your bank account on the next business day
  8. Thanks so much for passing the information. I'll be testing it out again today to see if I have any luck, I hadn't thought to check on server stats. Appreciated-
  9. Hello everyone. I am having an issue with the SL uploader. I am not quite sure if it is operator error (some step I am missing) or if this is a problem others have noticed. When uploading a mesh, w/o utilizing any of the physics options, my mesh uploads fine into game. When I attempt to change any of the physics on the item, whether with one I have created (from file) or simply changing it to a low/medium level, I get the following error: Cube failed to upload: Verifier process timed out. Upload_ServerError- See the log file for details. I have tried many different combinations - closing holes, simplifying and non-simplifying etc. And nothing is helping. It is a rather large mesh ( a building ) but I've never experienced this issue before on meshes I've previously uploaded. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time guys!
  10. I love the idea as well- many people here value their roleplay and I bet that would be something great for a couple of friends/ partners etc. to attempt and do together. My only concern is in regards to the notecards. So much theft goes on here you know? Someone made the suggestion of being able to copy them into word, but that just means the next yoo-hoo can copy and paste your idea/creation and pass it off. I'd suggest selling them as non-modifiable notecards/textures and place two in the pack (one transferable) so that you can pass it to a friend/ RP family member to cook/play with (not that this would stop it from happening entirely). That makes me wonder can you copyright a recipe? <--is currently googling- Good luck with this great idea!
  11. May want to check Analog or Damselfly (sp?) they tend to carry those wavy type hairs but it may just be a brush/brushes that the photographer used. Hopefully someone else can pass more info & GL!
  12. I've noticed that as well. For the first year they handled it like clock work. I cash out on a specific day of the week and generally I'd have the funds in my bank a week later. Now, it has been taking up to two weeks and has been generally slower since the Holiday season. I wish it would go back to normal, hard to budget when you have no idea when you can expect your funds. I did call billing once, when I waited quite a while, and that night it went through - so If you've waited longer than the time frame they provide and don't feel like waiting any longer, try giving them a call. @Deja, This Virvox.com, how do you utilize that in conjunction w/SL? I thought we could only use paypal (for those with access to such) I'd love to hear more info. on how you've got that set up. - Thanks
  13. Noted. As you felt the need to place me in the same category as others who disrespected you, I apologize for coming off that way. Never was that my intention nor would I personally attack anyone. I simply chose to stand up for what I love to do here, in the aftermath of someone's negative perspective of such. Again, the advertisements are unsightly, but this is only secondary as to what bothers me most. I am concerned about another "MERCHANTS" advertisements on my Marketplace Store page. Obviously the real life advertisement will not impact virtual sales (but for the person(s) who see something of interest and temporarily leave the site for more info). According to LL's note to us: they anticipate making these advertisements available to creators to utilize. Jills cuddle poses are now being advertised on the top and side of Pete's animations store. How will this effect Pete's sales? Perhaps I am the only one concerned over this but there are enough consumers in Secondlife for the merchants to share. Why should we be redirecting those that happen to come upon our shops to someone else? I am hoping, they choose not to persue that. We pay 3500L (avg) per product we advertise, in the hopes of someone new seeing our items. Maybe they can just increase that pricing to cover what cost they are lacking and trying to supplement with this new idea. You are right, the advertisements do not effect us- but when they make them avaialble for creators to purchase - it will.
  14. First off, no one said anything about studying hard in school and I certainly did not label you or play you as an idiot. These are your opinions but I am going to assume (as a previous poster recently mentioned) you believe all of your personal opinions to be fact. Secondly, how do I take you for granted? When did I mention such, I don't recall typing this. I love my customers and most of them know this. No one is requesting your respect nor being dishonest with you. I do not need to prove my income to you to highlight the point(s) I made previously. What concerns me as a creator goes far beyond what I am building. Please refer to my above statement regarding customer relations and my previous post regarding what will effect my income when other merchants have advertisements on my Market Place Profile- which incidentally, is why I am here. In the hopes that our opinions will reach someone important and make a bit of a difference. -- Not to feed negative Nancys with nothing better to do but roll out a red carpets of insults. You are attempting to belittle the work that many people do here and I stand by my opinion, your comment is shameful. This is a game to you. To many others, it is so much more. Your negativity is flooding this forum.
  15. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: and I will tell you straight up that, if you are good at it, it's no more difficult than editing your child's birthday photograph to remove that red-eye from the flash. I hear all the time about how hard creators work. Aside from worrying about some sort of income, most are merely playing........It's not hard. That comment, I for one, take rather offensively. You however are entitled to your own opinion. I have spent so many hours learning a program that people go to college to study.... on my own. I have cried numerous times over not being "good enough" or not as good as "so and so". I have watched countless tutorials on the content I produce that show me concepts that I can not begin to grasp just so that I can bring a better quality piece of merchandise to my consumers. I have spent days building and furnishing a structure only to realize it is not compatible with Secondlife/ too prim heavy etc. etc. There is a point in every Second Life content creator's journey here (who actually do this to put food on their family's table) where this goes far beyond "playing". Logging in is now comparable to punching a time clock when you are dealing with customer inquires, defaulted merchandise, copybotting (the list continues). For you to say that we are playing is similar to saying that a lawyer is playing when they defend a client in a court room- or that a teacher is playing when she educates a child. These people, like us, are not playing. This is simply the career choice they chose to fall into - much like art is to we ARTISTS here using Secondlife as a way to distribute the texture & 3D artwork that we create to make this community appealing to a variety of individual users with individual preferences. To say that content creation in Second Life is easy, you obviously have no idea what TRUE content creation is all about and the true emotional stress, sweat and tears that go into making a product you can stand behind! Shame on you for looking down on us-
  16. This is not directed towards any poster in particular- I am not a fan of the advertisements, I do not like the way they are formatted onto the Second Life Marketplace, quite unsightly in my opinion. I for one, have always appreciated Linden Labs and what they offer the community. This endeavor however is not one that I can support. The advertisements as of yet, do not harm me as a merchant, though they are quite annoying (less the ad-block software). What will possibly injure merchants is the use of SL vendor advertisements in lieu of the Real Life listings we are seeing now. As someone previously mentioned: How will it impact the *Your Name Here* store when the *Her name there* store has advertisements listed directly on your Marketplace profile/store. This for me is the most bothersome aspect about these new advertisements. On a more personal level, I often showcase my work to friends and family via the Marketplace website and the advertisements, again in my opinion, seem to cheapen the element of the community. This is slightly embarassing to me. As I stated, I do not believe the majority of us SL merchants would even be able to pay for the advertisements - but as it is proposed, LL may provide a low cost option to do just that. I only hope that it is monitored more closely than the advertisements are being now. On a last and equally insignificant point in the grand scheme of things: I am surprised at the combative remarks being made. I was under the impression that this was a discussion regarding the new advertisements - not a place to showcase your LL hatred or verbally trash and dissect the opinions of others repeatedly. I do hope that we can continue with our ideas and thoughts on this matter without the trivial undercurrent. Pettiness can not be hidden beneath the thick layers of heavy dialect.
  17. It seems that so much time wasting, mindless bickering goes on in all of these forums; mostly instigated, encouraged, and/or proposed by know-it-all post whores and LL cheerleaders. I was beginning to assume the very same thing.
  18. I agree, these advertisements are pretty upsetting. They make our site (which we all DID love) look very cheap. This is our SecondLife- we've grown to know, love and appreciate it for what it is and most of us do not welcome change, especially something so low standard. I got the opportunity to host these same advertisements on my site- you are paid per click and rerouting others to these sites- needless to say I opted out. I want people on MY page, not redirecting them to previously mentioned physic, hotline websites and Virtual Orgy communities- so why does LL want us to click these places and leave? I have redirected myself a few times, as someone mentioned- working from the phone now with all of the advertisements is challenging and I have mis-clicked several times into no man's land. In regards to us merchants paying for advertisements, I don't see that being plausible as 90% of us SL merchants are not in the same financial standings as these websites apparently paying Google to run these advertisements. Also, many people have already installed the advertisement blockers or surely will (as no mother will want those crude pictures popping onto their screen with their families in the background) so why would I pay money for something that 50% of the community will not see anyhow? As previously mentioned, paying members should not have to endure the ads. Us freebie players? Sure, why not- if we don't like them we can pay for an advertisement free membership or a superb ad blocker- but come on? The people that pay you to provide them with an entertainment service should not have to endure this crap- *grr*
  19. If it is not a Linden's Home, message the creator of the build. You can find this information via the edit menu while clicked on a prim the unit consists of or the notecard/texture (properties) that came with the product package. Alot of our homes are scripted and work through control panels or invdividual scripts but the creator(s) are generlaly more than willing to help out and explain how to do this.
  20. Check to ensure your don't have your cookies "disabled" - that may be the issue. Also: this was discussed in a previous post http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Can-t-view-profiles-search-and-other-things/td-p/1154873
  21. You don't list specifics but I imagine a land manager position would be great for you- you just have to tp about and show perspective clients land- sounds fun. Being that you are shy I'd not recommend a club setting whether dancer/host dj etc. Drake's idea also seems like a great one- just get dressed all pretty and perch your avatar onto a posing stand at some neat clothing stores. Don't be afraid to ship NC's to some of your favorite designers- worst they can say is: No thanks or we aren't hiring. Also, take a look at Gimp or some of those programs, perhaps you have an undiscovered talent in photography or building. Good Luck!
  22. I'm not sure is there is any such button, someone else may be able to offer a quick fix but for the time being, my suggetion would be to edit your AO. Delete the current run animation and replace it with something that doesn't do the flips, (perhaps replace it with another walk). You can do this (on most animation overrides) by detaching the hud, rezzing it on the ground/platform and configuring the notecard/animations via edit mode.
  23. Perfect- Thank you both for the detailed responses; I'll give that a shot.
  24. Is this an option? I've heard of the Open source/(Other grid) locations but after utilizing that grid - I couldn't find this option (or don't understand that grid enough to know what to look for). As we have the ability to use temporary textures- is there a way to view temporary meshes? Have them say, I donno- dissolve on log-out (lol)? I am still learning something new with mesh every day and with building large meshes my upload costs can scale really high as in 2/300L per upload (even when trying to hide all the complex junk with physics O.o) - only to find that normals need to be flipped or a solidify needs to be applied - or something along these lines. It would be really amazing if there was a way to preview what your mesh would look like in game prior to upload. Does anyone know if this is supported somewhere? Or is there a post that previously discusses this? Thanks everyone!! Edit* So after scrolling through the forum I am hearing "Aditi" mentioned a lot, I assume this is where I need to head (how)? please.
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