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  1. I was searching some names to see if they where removed and I saw *BLOCKED* by their name... what does this mean?
  2. Ok I know of at least one other creator that is dealing with the same issue... Everyday this week I have logged onto my marketplace to find 40+ items flagged for supposedly being listed in the wrong category however they are in fact women's outfits listed as women's outfits... not sure how that could be wrong. I am afraid this may be the result of a angry individual with far to much time on said hands however I am hoping not so..... Is this a known issue? Is anyone else having this trouble? And if it is just mass false reporting... is LL not even looking into the items reported to verify the report to be true or false or is it just being assumed to be true since so many are flagged at a time? I do know it is frustrating since on top of this issue I am one of the lucky ones whose merchant outbox is broken so I have to rely on the old magic boxes.
  3. ughh I should have scrolled down farther before posting my thread elsewhere, but I am very relieved to see I am not alone... this morning I saw 3,000 something and was like what!? I know my team has been working their tushes off the sim was packed with over 30 people for our club event alone not to mention active shoppers.
  4. I have been noticing that while my actualy number of avatars coming to my sim has not decreased my traffic count has.... this has been a trend then entire week and now even though I had from 12-36 people on the sim just about the entire day my traffic is a tiny 3,000+ is there a glitch with the count..... or something else?????? I know my staff who has been working hard in our club as well as the promotional team are hitting their heads on a wall right now and I hope I can provide them with some info to make them cheer up.
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