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  1. Well, I'm still not able to log in. But I noticed when I tried, my name appeared about 6 times across the top of screen. I think I've been highjacked.
  2. Can't log in now. Did the techs all go home?
  3. Totally agree with Phil Deakins. It's really not nice to lead someone on with an identity that is so completely the opposite of what they think let alone for two whole years. You should have ended it as soon as it got serious or you should have told this person beforehand. Some people might have said "no big deal" and carried on, and others might have decided this wasn't what they bargained for. But this poor sod never got a choice because you didn't give him one. I say shame on you. You may now carry on with the technology forum (or was it age discrimination forum?) this thread has turned into, lol.
  4. Looking at the side view of your av, it seems to me the head is just a tiny bit too large. Maybe just adjust the slider down a couple of digits. It just seems as if the head belongs more to a child/toddler size av as human children do tend to have largish heads for their bodies. And I agree about the arms being too long. You need to look waifish to fit the nymph or fae description. I don't know how thin you can get your av, but I'd go really slender. However I wouldn't necessarily flatten the boobs out as much unless you want to be sort of a genderless being. As for the face, if you want to change it a bit, I'd do eyes slanted upwards at the outer corners and high cheekbones. A little gauntness is to be expected in a nymph I think, so as to look more like a fantasy species. You might also want to apply your fae/nymph ears before adjusting your facial features.
  5. I'm not contradicting anyone's advice here. I'm just lobbing in a comment. I run Windows 8.1. It came with the laptop. I have an NVidia GForce 850 video card. First of all, I hate Windows 8, however, that is beside the point. I can run both the official viewer and Singularity viewer just fine. You should uninstall every part of the SL viewers you have installed before you even try to fix your other Windows 8 updates etc. You don't want the same failed scripts to be grabbed by your second or third install causing the same issues. If you have tried everything to install the official SL viewer and it still won't work, you might give Singularity a try. It is a little simpler viewer, but I find it easier to navigate and it takes up fewer resources I've been told (can't swear by that statement, it's just what I've been told.)
  6. Thank you Chase! You hit the nail on the head! And I was not even aware of D!VA hair until now.
  7. Loralinda

    Hair Find

    Looks like hair from UW St made by din raymaker, one of their male hairs but just in white. See this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Uwst-DEMO-Owin-Hair/5136624
  8. Can anyone tell me where this hair is available? It is also shown in the pic of the avatar shape and skin from Imperial called Amanda. But though I have the avatar, the notecard does not identify the hair shop where the hair is available. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I think betrayal comes with the territory of just being in a virtual world. Virtual world means it is entirely anonymous. Sometimes you run across a person who is playing it straight, but that is a rare occurance. Many many residents are in SL just to try out the wild side of life a little without anyone in their RL finding out. But then, one day, they meet someone who demands more intimacy of them, someone who asks for uncomfortable facts about their RL, someone who is obviously expecting a much more real, and much deeper relationship than resident #1 ever planned on or can possibly fulfill. Now a quandry arises for the first resident. Should they face the other person online and admit they were just dipping their toe in forbidden waters and are not available in RL whatsoever? Or do they create a situation that will make the relationship crash and burn, thus getting themselves off the hook? I think this is often how these betrayals happen. The relationship was untenable to begin with, but one of the persons involved did not realize this fact and was blindsided by the other when the other person/persons could no longer keep up the pretense.
  10. Personally, I gave up on the official SL viewer when they came out with the 2.0 version. I am currently using Singularity and find it is still an excellent viewer with all the bells and whistles I require. Whenever I have to use the o I find it cumbersome and it sucks all the fun out of SL.
  11. There are a lot of helpful youtube videos that some of the sl residents have made to help beginners with basics. Just type Second Life into the youtube search.
  12. So I logged in the first time today with Singularity, and I'm transported to never never land that is all Second Life viewer and not Singularity. The log in is different, the menus are the SL viewer and I'm lost. I assumed it was some new jumped up version of Singularity, but then I noticed the SL hand in the upper left corner. So I logged out and logged in using Singularity again. And again I was stuck in a Second Life viewer. I tell you, I came close to ending it all (not really) but reason won out and I decided to uninstall Singularity and reinstall it from the website again. Voila! It's back to good old Singularity as I know it. Can anyone explain what the hell happened?!! It's Wednesday today which means LL did restarts yesterday. Could that have screwed it up?
  13. He was probably all of 16 years old or something. And possibly high or drunk or both. My answer would have been one word: pffffft! But then I'm not a shop owner and not obliged to be nice when the convo turns into crazy talk.
  14. Loralinda

    Avatar help?

    Well, you look pretty good so far I'd say. So now for freebies, go to your search button and open the search. Click on the "classified ads" tab or the "all" tab and type "freebies" (without quotes) in the search field there. You will find lots of freebie stores. I haven't looked for freebies in ages, so I have no idea where you find the best stuff. It's usually a mix of some nice stuff and some not so nice. But since it's free, buy and try until you find what you want.
  15. Here are some options that might come close: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Drot-The-Kenji-DEMO/5534754 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Exile-Akio-demo/4317311 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dura-BoysGirls37-Dark-7color-Fat/4081399 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMO-tions-JAMIE-brown-pack/6015078
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