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  1. sometimes it is lol. sometimes its purposely, others its not.
  2. I agree with having high standards, but those should not be one sided. Both people should be trying to reach expectations other wise it usually tailspins into a stupid fight or failure to communicate wants and desires.
  3. mmm cajun burgres and blts!
  4. Well your versions of crass, and whats acceptable are very much different then what a guy would find acceptable. If you can't take a crass compliment, then that's your problem. While you have your opinions on what is acceptable, others do not share those. While that's fine, don't expect anyone to bend over backwards to make you more comfortable with compliments.
  5. I've found that when people claim they are a "True Believer", they are always hypocrite that hide behind the word when they don't agree with something. Instead of saying they don't like something, they always make excuses and are never direct with what they want. Also, I do believe in god, I just don't believe in organized religion as it gets easily abused and is almost as money hungry as corporations or firms can be. While they do have legit services, it feels too much like high school, which is what I don't like. Anyway, good luck in trying to find someone who is a "True Believer", as that is probably the most narrow minded view of who you believe to be as acceptable. While you say that, you should state what makes you think someone is more of a believer so that way you can increase the chances you'll actually find someone that is compatible. Also stating other miscellaneous features may also increase the chances that you find someone that will be willing to reply to you about. Last, As a christian my self, i believe you shouldn't advertise that you are looking for a True Believer. You should filter who you feel is close to your strength in belief even if you decide to turn alot of people away, which is the attitude i find you most likely have. I my self reside more on the Christian Buddhist, or Lutheran side of the realm of the religion. However, i don't actively prey every day or what not.
  6. Yeah but even if a guy does compliment you in a better way, alot of the time women can't take it either. That is what annoys me the most lol.
  7. Sounds like the lot of you have feminist issues and can't take a compliment. I understand you get annoyed all the time, but really. This is a adult oriented game and sex is the biggest industry in here. If you really can't deal with these kind of people, then you might want to think about another game. Not trying to be rude, just telling you how it is.
  8. Not sure if that's a filter in your profile or not, but if that's the first thing you put in your profile, good luck finding someone!
  9. Jealousy is tough to say weather or not its normal. Its normal for a person or its not. Remember its a emotion and psycological state that can vary from person to person. Some may get more jealous then others. Others Simply hide it better and can deal with compromising situations. If you like people getting jealous over you, then learn to deal with that. Learn what triggers it, how to avoid it if you don't want to deal with it. If you find your self being asked to give up friends and he makes excuses like that, then thats too much of a sacrifice. This is sl, you should be free to see who you want.
  10. Sweet! i sent you one!
  11. Alot of people use alts to do things they couldn't normally do on a main. From building to spying, to seeing if a person is afk or ignoring them, to building, to a plethora of other situations. Just recently i had to use an alt to see if somoen was just ignoring me and they were, so i defriended them and left them alone. Usually i use alts to confirm something or escape things if they annoy me for a while.
  12. Sure thing. Ill start messaging you today on it. Please respond even if I'm offline and well collaberate when we can meet.
  13. Before this completley closes, this was a hall of mirrors showing how closed minded people are about this kind of lifestyle.
  14. They have disscusion groups and places people go to take classes, and all that 9 yard stuff, why shouldn't this place be an extention to those forums?
  15. OK i re-read your comment, i apologise i miss understood where you were getting at. However, I wasn't trying to build sympathy, i wasn't trying to be bullegerant, i just wanted some insight of what other people think for a better perspective. In turn, you are being bullegerant as you are doing the exact same thing i put in that little comment, you bashed it, and started a tangent for a line of trolls to come into this thread.