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  1. Yes I know that from experience Amandakeen, i was young and dumb once and that's why i live by that new code. Let people know before things get serious, and if they still get pissed off about it, its on them not me. Its nice that people can actually handle different views and beliefs here. So many people get in a rage over nothing, when people believe in something others hate.
  2. Talli, its ok to explore both aspects of it. If you want to be monogamous, thats fine! if you want to have more then one, thats fine too. Its what you feel more comfortable with that is what counts. With me in sl i feel more comfortable with poly, as it allows me to explore women and learn how to understand them more quickly.
  3. Amanda, I do have at least 3 girls that i am regular with, and meet occasionally others. Timezones help but when its with out a skybox, thats when its hard to keep any of them because of so many trolls trying to block you. Hell, alot of the trolls that i ran across even messaged my partner, and went to such lengths to try to create a rift. Thankfully she didn't take any of them seriously and hopefully understands that this happens like that sometimes with out a skybox, but at the same time, you guys now kinda see my point?
  4. Naw i just block most of it and cut it out of my friends list if i see it. I'm just talking about walking around with my girls in freaking public!
  5. Well most people should, honestly its easier to tell them to read a profile first then have to tell 20 people exactly what i do over and over lol
  6. Its only easy when everyone knows you do it and are open to the idea. I forgot what kind of people lurk in second life ready to destroy any ideals that are different then there own. lol
  7. Hi all! I have been trying to go with out a skybox for a week now and all it seems i run into are people who want to start drama and cause chaos. I don't know whats going on with people these days, but I'm in a open relationship and have updated my profile to blast that as loud as i can over a loud speaker, but for some reason people just love to throw around loose accusations when ever I'm with a girlfriend of mine! What the hell is the problem with people these days? Can they not read? Can they not understand that I don't get in there business, they shouldn't get in mine? Imean come on.
  8. sometimes it is lol. sometimes its purposely, others its not.
  9. I agree with having high standards, but those should not be one sided. Both people should be trying to reach expectations other wise it usually tailspins into a stupid fight or failure to communicate wants and desires.
  10. Well your versions of crass, and whats acceptable are very much different then what a guy would find acceptable. If you can't take a crass compliment, then that's your problem. While you have your opinions on what is acceptable, others do not share those. While that's fine, don't expect anyone to bend over backwards to make you more comfortable with compliments.
  11. I've found that when people claim they are a "True Believer", they are always hypocrite that hide behind the word when they don't agree with something. Instead of saying they don't like something, they always make excuses and are never direct with what they want. Also, I do believe in god, I just don't believe in organized religion as it gets easily abused and is almost as money hungry as corporations or firms can be. While they do have legit services, it feels too much like high school, which is what I don't like. Anyway, good luck in trying to find someone who is a "True Believer", as
  12. Yeah but even if a guy does compliment you in a better way, alot of the time women can't take it either. That is what annoys me the most lol.
  13. Sounds like the lot of you have feminist issues and can't take a compliment. I understand you get annoyed all the time, but really. This is a adult oriented game and sex is the biggest industry in here. If you really can't deal with these kind of people, then you might want to think about another game. Not trying to be rude, just telling you how it is.
  14. Not sure if that's a filter in your profile or not, but if that's the first thing you put in your profile, good luck finding someone!
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