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  1. for it to be an IP violation damages have to be proven or money was made from it. just because someone (i.e. Sims, youtube, etc) claims it is, doesn't mean it actually is. if you are not hurting anyone, it is not illegal despite claims to the contrary. will The Sims be damaged if you do it? i think not. don't sell it and you are fine. if any party concerned bothers you about it, then just remove it, it's not like you killed someone. i won't be surprised if i get smug, obnoxious blow back from this post.
  2. why can't an object using a baked texture use material textures? i don't get it. mesh avatars will still use HUDs, why can't they apply material textures just like they do now? i'm not up on all this so maybe i completely don't understand, but as far as i know all BOM will do is flatten all diffuse textures into one texture, so how does that change how material textures are currently applied? and even if it doesn't support materials, so what? it's not like that issue can't be figured out. in the end an object using BOM will also be able to use materials because this is not a problem of quantum physics, it's just applying a texture to an object. it reminds me of the whole "ruth avatar can't be updated with new geometry because it would need different UVs"...........that was true until it wasn't.
  3. can't wait until this feature goes live, it's been a long time coming. this is going to open up avatar creation to more people and make it easier, not needing onion layer meshes and applier scripts, which also reduces the over all weight and rendering costs of the avatar. to me this is the way it should have always been once they allowed custom mesh on the grid. for all the things it can't do, there is the current way of doing things that a creator can incorporate to achieve whatever they want. and it makes the SL clothing layers relevant again.
  4. look at the Sahara Avatar in page 3 of this thread, it is copy/mod https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/424299-free-mesh-bodies-and-heads/?page=3
  5. the Shara Avatar is Maitreya compatible and can be found here - Warning it is Adult land- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fredrix/214/16/73 at the store you can also get some very basic skins for it and a rigged - non bento - mesh head.
  6. i am looking for someone who can script and create a functioning translator using google or bing API Keys. please contact me inworld with information and a quote
  7. i know i can't be having a false memory. it was either the entire profile or an individual pick. i think it exported an xml file with all the data. then it could be re imported. the idea is being able to save a profile, you can change yours but if you want the old one back you don't have to recreate it.
  8. i'm not sure which category this should go in so i'm asking here. can anyone tell me how to export and import a profile? i know there was a way to do it but i can't remember how.
  9. Poser might be something worth looking at. the sl avatar was based on it. http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-3d-animation-software.html
  10. are you saying you know how to make the clothes and rigging if you had the avatars? if so then you have to see if they have a developer kit, they likely do. find out the creator and look for some info or contact them.
  11. you have to piece it together yourself. here is a list of some popular programs pros and hobbists alike use for everything from sculpting mesh to making textures, in no particular order: maya 3D Max Modo Wings 3d Mudbox Zbrush 3D coat Blender Gimp Photoshop Paintshop Cinema 4D Mari Marvelous Designer there are a lot more.
  12. to take care of your "crumble" problem. press Ctrl+Alt+d to turn on the menu named “Advanced”. at the bottom of that menu, second to last, it says "show debug settings", click on that, a window opens, scroll until you find RenderVolumeLODFactor click on that and increase it to 4. you can go higher up to 8 (personally that is where i keep it) but mostly people say 4 is good enough. after you do that your scuplties won't crumble when you zoom out. remember that setting because firestorm likes to change it back to 2 when it feels like and you'll have to change it back again every once in a while. as for making mesh. blender is a very hard program to learn, especially for someone who doesn't know much about 3D to begin with. you should start with some easier programs and as you start to get some idea of mesh creation you can move on to learning blender. a good program to start with is sculptris, it is a free program by the makers of Zbrush, you can find it here http://pixologic.com/sculptris/ after you make something in sculptris, you have to export it as an .obj file. but sl does not support .obj mesh files, you can only upload .dae format. so here is where a little blender is needed. open blender, go to "file" click "import" and then select "wavefront (.obj), then browse to your file and import it. then right click on your object(mesh) and go back to file and click "export" then select "collada (dae)". then open your sl viewer, go to "build" and choose "upload> mesh model". then browse to your .dae file and select it. it will show up in the uploader window. check the box that says "generate normals", then press "calculate weights and fees" and after a little bit the same button will say "upload" click that. your mesh will be uploaded to sl. doing this will get you started in understanding mesh.
  13. i can't help you directly, but if they were on a website, you can try finding it through the waybackmachine web archive.
  14. ahhh ok i get it. and the llDialog method sounds very cool I learned a lot from this thread. Thanks again, without people like you, Rolig and Nova life would be much harder.
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