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  1. 9 out of ten times the answer to this problem is to use the native sl viewer to upload the object that firestorm is complaining about missing block data.
  2. certainly, no problem. i only posted it here because i initially thought it was a scripting issue. i was planning to use the face numbers of an object acting as an overlay, basically a HUD, when a face is touched, a texture gets set on another object. i thought faces numbers went higher than 8, so i thought something was wrong with the script. i have since switched to link numbers. but i now have run into a weird problem, maybe you can help me with......the textures are being set, except they are not accurate. when i click on say link 18, the texture assigned to link11 gets set. clic
  3. i guess that's what they are talking with this "Whenever the triangle count of a Texture Face exceeds the limit of 21844 triangles, then the SL Importer automatically creates a new texture face, thus it automatically fixes your mesh when the triangle count per face gets too high. Actually the Importer creates as many texture faces in chunks of of up to 21844 triangles as needed for your model." thanks for explaining that. i never knew that a mesh with say 64 faces is actually 8 faces x 8. i always assumed it was 1 to 64.
  4. would you know if that is up to date? if i recall correctly, when mesh was first released it had the 8 face limit as a prim, but then it was changed to unlimited faces.
  5. i made a simple plane in blender that has 36 faces. i assigned a new material to each face. after uploading, i check the face numbers and they repeat....faces go from 0 to 9 and then repeats........i have three 0 faces, three 1 faces, three 2 faces...etc. i've never encountered this before. how can a single object with multiple faces have faces with the same number? did i do something wrong?
  6. ok unless something has changed over the last two years, i found the answer. there is nothing to be done about except stop making the object talk. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/373782-turning-off-swirling-particles/#comment-1664660
  7. i don't know what's called, but it's that swirl you get around the avatar when someone logs out or tp's away. i have a script that prints to local chat, i think that is what is causing it to happen when the script is triggered. is there a way to suppress it and what is it called so i can research it? thank you.
  8. thank you very much Prof......your script helped me figure it out. i now have a increase/decrease specular script.:) and thank you Rolig for bringing up MyCounter, it started the path to a solution.
  9. i understand the logic, i just don;t know how to actually use the correct format(i don't know where or how "MyCounter" goes into my script) to make it work. i don't know how to make that snippet know what values to change...........if i see examples of how Mycounter actually looks like in a working script, i maybe could figure it out. i'm not a scripter, i just cobble things together as i need them.
  10. do you have any links i can read up on MyCounter? i can't find anything at the wiki or on the net period. i don't know how to fit this into my script.
  11. thank you Rolig, but i only mentioned the move script the moves the hud incrementally to say that i tried to modify that code to make it increase or decrease specular values instead of positions. isn't there a way to set a value like 51 and then run the script again it set it to 52 and so on until it reaches a preset limit and then cycles back again? it's exactly what the position script does.
  12. and this is the "simplest" way huh.......smiles...............it's over my head, at least for now, i'll never be able to learn that in time to finish my project. but thank you for the pointers. i will eventually figure that out. having said that, if anyone can help out on how i can step up and down the values with mouse clicks, i would be grateful. i saw a script that moved a prim attached to the screen incrementally with each click.......i tried to adapt that to increase the specular values incrementally but i've failed so far.
  13. yes i am capable of making a texture like that. i will look into it right now..........i remember reading about way back and it sounded really complex, i was thinking it might be beyond me, but i'll give it a crack if you say it is the simplest approach. thanks for the recommendation.
  14. the first issue has solved itself..........perhaps it was my imagination or something because it's not happening anymore. i have a vague idea about touch scripts, is that where coordinates are figured out that allows some code to tell where the cursor touched the prim and then there is a value associated with that coordinate? i was hoping to stay away from that. i was thinking since the script is already setting the values, maybe it could just run again when the button is pressed only it sets the previous values + 1. would this be possible or easier?
  15. i've cobbled together a script that sends prim parameters to another prim setting that prim's specular values, but the spec values of the prim doing the sending is also changing. i can't figure out how to stop that. also i need to add to the code a way for the user to step the values up or down after they are set. what kind of code is used for that? thank you for any help.
  16. for it to be an IP violation damages have to be proven or money was made from it. just because someone (i.e. Sims, youtube, etc) claims it is, doesn't mean it actually is. if you are not hurting anyone, it is not illegal despite claims to the contrary. will The Sims be damaged if you do it? i think not. don't sell it and you are fine. if any party concerned bothers you about it, then just remove it, it's not like you killed someone. i won't be surprised if i get smug, obnoxious blow back from this post.
  17. why can't an object using a baked texture use material textures? i don't get it. mesh avatars will still use HUDs, why can't they apply material textures just like they do now? i'm not up on all this so maybe i completely don't understand, but as far as i know all BOM will do is flatten all diffuse textures into one texture, so how does that change how material textures are currently applied? and even if it doesn't support materials, so what? it's not like that issue can't be figured out. in the end an object using BOM will also be able to use materials because this is not a problem
  18. can't wait until this feature goes live, it's been a long time coming. this is going to open up avatar creation to more people and make it easier, not needing onion layer meshes and applier scripts, which also reduces the over all weight and rendering costs of the avatar. to me this is the way it should have always been once they allowed custom mesh on the grid. for all the things it can't do, there is the current way of doing things that a creator can incorporate to achieve whatever they want. and it makes the SL clothing layers relevant again.
  19. look at the Sahara Avatar in page 3 of this thread, it is copy/mod https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/424299-free-mesh-bodies-and-heads/?page=3
  20. the Shara Avatar is Maitreya compatible and can be found here - Warning it is Adult land- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fredrix/214/16/73 at the store you can also get some very basic skins for it and a rigged - non bento - mesh head.
  21. i am looking for someone who can script and create a functioning translator using google or bing API Keys. please contact me inworld with information and a quote
  22. i know i can't be having a false memory. it was either the entire profile or an individual pick. i think it exported an xml file with all the data. then it could be re imported. the idea is being able to save a profile, you can change yours but if you want the old one back you don't have to recreate it.
  23. i'm not sure which category this should go in so i'm asking here. can anyone tell me how to export and import a profile? i know there was a way to do it but i can't remember how.
  24. Poser might be something worth looking at. the sl avatar was based on it. http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-3d-animation-software.html
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