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  1. I have been trying to upload a small but detailed object from blender 2.8 but keep getting a "failed to upload: MAV_BLOCK_MISSING" Error. With a bit of research I think I have it narrowed down to the fact that there are a lot of tiny/thin triangles and firestorm can't envision the default physics properly. I've been doing tri's to quads to fix some of this but still get the error. I've tried the decimation modifier but lose my smooth lines in the process. I am not sure what else to try. Any ideas?
  2. I think maybe I am being impatient lol. I didn't even know about https://places.secondlife.com/. It IS there, but I get an error when I try to tp there. So, progress is being made, at least I know it exists!
  3. I just purchased a new region. The Land Manager shows the region state is active. But, it doesn't show up in search or on the World Map. I have no slurl, how do I get there?
  4. Thanks - I see I had a bit to learn about it works!
  5. Is "grandfathered" the only way to get a 30K prim sim?
  6. Hello - I am trying to create some listings to offload some gacha items. The first one I worked on, I was able to upload an image from my hard drive. However, any subsequent listening I try to work on does not have that ability. Where has it gone? How do I get it back? What am I doing wrong? I made a gyazo of scrolling up and down the screen so you can see that the option is missing. Help! Thanks in advance! https://gyazo.com/2162e4a8fdd873603952718cbd501ccc
  7. Progeny: Slayer, Progeny: Lycanthrope, and Progeny: Familiar are in active development and will be available sooner rather than later. So, if you really feel the need to hunt vampires, bide your time.
  8. I'm a vampire. If I want a human, I can just go grab one...
  9. Omg, duplicates, who knows. What i really need is some way to sort by date. Ie, just show me the stuff i acquired in 2007, not everything since 2007 the way the date filters currenty works.
  10. HUDS? For your inventory? I've been trying to organize my 180k inventory for seven years. Tell me more please!
  11. I would like to see sub-folders so I can organize my favorite LM's into Categories. My reasoning was that even with two monitors I could only get 20 some favorites up there, more if I really condensed the names. So, I thought it would be nice if I could put all my building LMs in one folder, all my shopping lms in another, all my RP lms in yet another etc. I made the suggestion to Firestorm, but my jira was closed immediately as my suggestion "would not be implemented." Ansariel Hiller added a comment - 2014-12-29T10:08:51-0500Closing as won't implement. This would just duplicate the normal Landmarks folder. And favorites are called favorites, because they resemble a few, most important items - not dozen. http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-15288
  12. Score! I had metabolt on my machine and that did the trick, now I can use my regular viewer again.
  13. Score! I had metabolt on my machine and that did the trick, now I can use my regular viewer again.
  14. I'm using the latest firestorm already and it doesn't work, I downloaded the latest sl viewer and it doesn't work, I am presently reloading ancient versions of firestorm, phoenix and sl from my downloads directory hoping to find one that will work, Any other suggestions?
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