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  1. too bad the guy decided to pretty much abandon the project after teasing he was working on it for the past month.....figures. Never trust a guy named "cracker hax" i suppose. Well i HOPE the offical oculus viewer comes out soon as the CEO has said......but we'll see....
  2. yeah whatever dude. Well it just you were going on like you were actually interested in working on such a viewer but guess not. its just frustrating but whatever., so much for "that" idea. lets hope LL doesnt take FOREVER to release the viewer.
  3. hey Chris sounds good make sure if you get a sl viewer working for the Rift to post it in the offical Oculus Rift dev forums and also on reddit too ok? thanks. thats a shame your pretty much putting this project on hold cracker, honestly a bit of a let down as you said you got your rift and you were working on it. note to people dont get peoples hopes up and said your working on a project then decide to just put it on hold for a while for something else. i hate when people do that. but whatever. not like you replied to any of my messages to you. and i guess we shoudnt have trusted a guy named "cracker hax" that much either. a shame. yeah LL is "supposed" to come out with a sl oculus viewer by the "end of the summer" but there is no garentee they will actually do that . it could be much later. just would be nice to have someone have something working by now......but whatever. Chris good luck on that. Mr Hax seems not to be the greatest in private commicatoin so not sure you'll get any info from him. but hopefully you can figure it out. be nice to have some solution BEFORE LL came out with theirs!
  4. so now that you have your rift any word on a progress update? any chance for a early test demo version soon?
  5. Typical Freaking Linden Labs. and of all the time to have this crap happen i have to leave in about an hour and i wanted to have some time on before i had to go. I dont know what Linden Labs employees do all day long but it sure as heck is not improving second life. Lag, crashes, log in problems, things taking forever to load, things not rezzing, teleports not working half of the time Nothing ever seems to get fixed and intead of addressing this and promising that something will be done we are just supposed to sit here and say oooh its ok. If you ask me and i dont care if i get banned for saying this every single last employee of Linden Labs ought to be fired and replaced with people who can actually do their jobs I wish Second Life woud be bought out by another company who coudl actually make some real improvements even if it ment removing the "adult" content i woudnt mind so bad if we could have an actual second life that actually WORKS like its supposed to considering the fact that some people actually put hundreds, if not thousands of dollers into second life youd think wed get better service then this unacceptiable.
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