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  1. Last night I ordered 2 outfits and logged off, because they were taking forever to deliver. This afternoon I logged on and found a bunch of GROUP CHAT NOTIFICATIONS and exited them out and I found two objects, I THOUGHT THEY WERE NOTECARDS CONTAINING RULES TO THE PLACE I WAS AT SO I DISCARDED THEM, and turns out they were the outfits I ordered last night! I feel super stupid! How do I get those outfits back? D:
  2. Wow I'm having problems with the new viewer too, but mines won't even completely download.
  3. That is amazingly gorgeous!
  4. This morning I woke up and had nothing to do, so I logged on Second Life. Apparently they updated a new viewer and so I proceeded in downloading the latest Viewer and near the end of the downloading it gives me this window, saying there was an error opening file for writing: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer\\IIplugin\imageformats\qtiff4.dll." I was wondering if anybody on here is having problems with the new viewer, and how can I get back on Second Life. (Rest In Peace Whitney Houston) Oh I'm somewhat new, so if you could help me out, please IM me to my Second Life username IIIMistressIII (and no I'm not a mistress... I just stupidly put that as my username, because I thought it was cool.)
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