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  1. Okay will apply your advice I will setup such a method of a system that will do that and I will just be as you say. Problem is that my friend is premium and she seem to unable to get a response from LL even when she send a support ticket, yes you're correct she is not a fluent english speaker, so in second life , in linden labs, there is no international support team that take in complain from a Japanese users ? The support ticket look very weird there is no tab for requesting a more detailed sub topics it is as if it is pre locked at a certain state. she tried to use another alt but that is also put on 'hold' as now she have no way of communicating with LL at all. Yes I think so too, again I will pass the information but sadly she is unable to as her accounts are on 'hold' and I will try to convey your methods to her if possible as I have no access to my friend other then second life.. I will pass the information through other means I hope she still there listening. Again I appreciate all of your reply and I hope that my friend able to read this as well and attempt your solution upon the said issue / problem.
  2. Hi everyone, I am in second life enjoying being part of second life and just having fun as I am in a sim along with my friend being an admin and keeping the peace of a combat sim that is filled with potential trouble maker. One occasion I had to warn someone to wear clothing as he was shown to me naked without wearing a single type of outfits as per sim rule that I am currently being an admin as that nudity is not allowed so I warn the person very politely and courteous in IM box with him explaining that he need to wear clothing or he should teleported out to an adult sandbox as he is upset as usual and starts to say awful things as commonly people do when they're caught in the act. He claims that he was having issues with his attachments, I observe him for a few minutes he is able to attach certain body part bit with no problem so I assume that he is there with negative intent. After a while another person shows up as this person is the person that grief me in the few days past and my friend the admin didn't ban him because he uses flashy type of bomb with no push so that is kind of being let go and not press on the issue. He then starts to ask very politely to me as I thought this is going to be a normal polite discussion then he starts to rant off about the sim in theme and how he have problems with the uniforms that is being worn when it is clearly it is combat sim the participant off course wear uniforms matching the side we're fighting for as this is just a combat sim we have no political leaning or anything like that we're not hate group we just here to do combat nothing more nothing less. As this is his 2nd attempt to just disrupt the peace previously with bombs that is clearly designed to cause problems now he starts to rant off and just cause huge out of character issues ranting on and on about issues that is not his concern as he claims that he is defending his friend that was previously here naked and I warn that person to kindly leave. If he had an issues with combat uniforms as we wore it because it is authentic real in theme and real in world historical uniforms. He even go so far as to threaten me with soft threats about how he have a real life friend a lawyer. Due to that, my friend and I decide to ban the said person because of the person is nothing but disruptive force to the sim and brought nothing positive to the sim. After a few moments after we ban the said person then my friend account suddenly was put on hold by Linden labs. I was confused as well she told me that there were no warning issued in her email account and her ticket was not replied or any sort of explanation given. So I am asking everyone here, Do we sim admins that keep the peace in a sim from potential grievers and trouble makers have to be terrorize with grievers that have the ability to simple create false report and get our colleagues sim admin get into trouble and have her account being put on hold ? We had already full days filled with grievers that use various any thing that is in their hands just to create problems in the sim we're responsible off now they add this method on top of that ?
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