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  1. Okay will apply your advice I will setup such a method of a system that will do that and I will just be as you say. Problem is that my friend is premium and she seem to unable to get a response from LL even when she send a support ticket, yes you're correct she is not a fluent english speaker, so in second life , in linden labs, there is no international support team that take in complain from a Japanese users ? The support ticket look very weird there is no tab for requesting a more detailed sub topics it is as if it is pre locked at a certain state. she tried to use another alt
  2. Hi everyone, I am in second life enjoying being part of second life and just having fun as I am in a sim along with my friend being an admin and keeping the peace of a combat sim that is filled with potential trouble maker. One occasion I had to warn someone to wear clothing as he was shown to me naked without wearing a single type of outfits as per sim rule that I am currently being an admin as that nudity is not allowed so I warn the person very politely and courteous in IM box with him explaining that he need to wear clothing or he should teleported out to an adult sandbox as he
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