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  1. You does poet stuff. Now would that be from your namesake, it's puddy sweet?
  2. wells Is groan tird of dis write knows so Is guna looks at udder stuffs, dish is da hot topic under dan dat it ain't much undders Translation: Well I have grown tired of this right now so I think I will have a look around the forum. This actually became a hot topic, which is rather surprising considering the subject matter.
  3. Oh that there is deep stuff. You ever been hit wit a ceeaaacee club? I ain't.
  4. U's in won ofs dem dar canal clubsd aint' ya' "orunj sonshien" luv's dat coller
  5. i juts tinks you's amazin tree hundred tiems is likes a record a 45 maybes or longplay, hot damn
  6. is you swaarin or just funnin mites be swaarin mites be funnin mites be good mites be bad I wants Perrie SDL
  7. you toks SDL as a youngin Perrie and it still ain't worrd off yet, WOW
  8. WOW you is bad. Are you free tonight? Well any night really:)
  9. Awe widdle fella you fits right in or you wouldn't be here. Glad to see you are up to snuff with your pre-school rules, a product of your environment I guess. Pie Serendipity wrote: Congratulations, Yohan, Dik et al, on demonstrating that the standard pre-school argument in the face of unacceptable truth, of "I know you are, but what am I?", is not dead. I am sure that Pep, wherever he is on this snowy Friday, is smirking at the immaturity being demonstrated by those who feel that standards of discussion here should be reduced to the lowest common denominator. Personally, I am finding it difficult to descend to the levels being shown by the ignorati. Pie says "An especial acknowledgement must go to the unimaginative StormInATeaCup for perceiving a pwning where there was none."
  10. Wow you sure got pulled apart there oh Pie diddly di. I love the feeble excuses, how lame LMAO
  11. Well isn't that nice I do think you pulled a chain PserenDikity. You are a nasty one. So Whats smart an what aint?
  12. Back to the topic oh here is one, (I am assuming you meant to say "they're" rather than "there" which is incorrect and will provide miscommunication. So your dumb cause I pointed that out.) Now I figure if you knew what it was suppose to mean then why are you commenting at all, obviously no miscommunication. Just a smart ass'd comment based in one upmanship attempting to seek superiority by making those around them look less in status...
  13. KISS is the old Keep It Simple Stupid thing:)
  14. Right Jeanne, there ain't no revolution somewhere saying we got to rights a certain way. If there was then old Willie Shakaspere wouldn't be so importate we all woods right the same.
  15. Okay my gramma ain't that hot two. But I cans get der drift of whats sad when I looks hard. You can get just as lost with the big words when no bodys understands them as you cans witd the small ones in da wrong place. The ideal is da KISS thingy.
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