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  1. You does poet stuff. Now would that be from your namesake, it's puddy sweet?
  2. wells Is groan tird of dis write knows so Is guna looks at udder stuffs, dish is da hot topic under dan dat it ain't much undders Translation: Well I have grown tired of this right now so I think I will have a look around the forum. This actually became a hot topic, which is rather surprising considering the subject matter.
  3. Oh that there is deep stuff. You ever been hit wit a ceeaaacee club? I ain't.
  4. U's in won ofs dem dar canal clubsd aint' ya' "orunj sonshien" luv's dat coller
  5. i juts tinks you's amazin tree hundred tiems is likes a record a 45 maybes or longplay, hot damn
  6. is you swaarin or just funnin mites be swaarin mites be funnin mites be good mites be bad I wants Perrie SDL
  7. you toks SDL as a youngin Perrie and it still ain't worrd off yet, WOW
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