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  1. I was on a mature sim and sent to an adult hub. I wasn't even aware they had mature rated safe hubs. I LOVE the idea of ruthing an avatar when they are sent to the safehub. Not only would it solve this particular problem but that would provide some truly entertaining moments! **Disclaimer** I don't really thing the ruthing thing should be done, if it even could... I just think it would be funny!
  2. No, I didn't think that child avatars in an adult sim were against the TOS, however I think that being near sexually themed material is. That is what I was trying to say. The sight of child avatars standing next to naked avatars wearing attachments was a bit disturbing. The whole idea behind the sim rating system, as I understand it, was for appearance purposes. So if the wrong person happens to walk in the room after a sim malfunction or an overzealous foreign government official happens across something... Even though nothing bad is actually occurring, the scene APPEARS bad is all I was saying. The post was more of a "I wish there was a better way to prevent this from happening" type comment...
  3. My first thought on where we end up was based on the land settings. However much of the land out there is moderate... I think that a lot of child avi places end up on moderate land because of this. You can't really send people on a moderate land to a general safe hub or you would run the risk of naked avatars being next to RL kids since the merger of the teen grid... I guess what I would like to see is some sort of preference check box... Like they have for search. Though that's not really a perfect solution either I guess unless they were to make 3 categories of safe hubs. General safe hubs for RL teens, child avatars and those there for business purposes... Moderate for adult avatars that occasionally like to engage in adult activities and Adult hubs for those who spend considerable amounts of time engaging in adult activities. Even saying all this, though, I realize how imperfect of a solution this is.. I realize that a person can be in the midst of changing outfits when a region goes down so the business person could end up naked at a general hub. However, at least the likelihood of various attachments showing up would be greatly diminished...
  4. The latest Phoenix... 1600.. has mesh support. You can see it there in V1 format.
  5. Ok. Honest question here... How is it decided which safe hub you are plopped into when your region suddenly decides to chew you up and spit you out? I ended up in one last weekend and was a little disturbed. I ended up in an adult safe hub so I pretty much expect to see anything and everything and that's what I got. After the grey faded and I was finally able to see, I'm able to observe the environment the SL servers have thrown me into. There, in all their naked glory, were avatars with various attachments, naked avatars, and avatars wearing things that I can only begin to guess what they are used for. All that I expected... What I did NOT expect, and what shocked me... and I found a bit distrubing... was the cluster of child avatars. There were quite a few so I'm assuming that whatever region they were in must have thrown them there as had happened to me. Now please don't misunderstand me, I am not in any way upset with the child avatars. I know we don't get to choose where we end up in instances like this... And also understand I realize that these "children" are really adults... However there are certain rules in SL regarding child avatars... Mainly about them being in sexualized regions. Even with the understanding that these are RL adults and that they did not come to this region by choice, I still found the sight of an apparent 5 year old standing next to a naked... excited man... in all his glory... disturbing. So... How is this chosen? Do they have general safe hubs? And how is it determined which safe hub you are flung into?
  6. If you know the name of it do a search in inventory. Be sure to check trash and lost and found folders. It may have come in a folder rather than a box. If you cannot find it try clearing your cache, then waiting for your inventory to load and try another search. If you really can't find it then, IM the creator and see if they will redeliver it for you.
  7. I started using Emerald viewer (on my old avatar) back before Emerald was "cool". I was only a couple months old and I remember wondering the same things when a friend introduced me to it. She wanted everyone in our family on it for some of the viewer features. Back when we started using Emerald, you could travel around and you would only run into another Emerald user once a week or so. It was a novelty to run into another Emerald user. At first it was a little overwhelming trying to figure out where everything was and what all was available to me. But after awhile you get VERY used to having these features at your disposal and feel very constrained when you don't have them. All of a sudden word must have been getting out about Emerald because about a year after I started using Emerald, all of a sudden everywhere you went people were using it and the grid was a sea of green. After Emerald imploded I switched to Imprudence for a couple weeks. I was very much frustrated and felt like I had a limb amputated because Imprudence did not have all the features I was used to. I tried V2.. And my computer almost died that day. It just wasn't for me. Then Phoenix came out and, while it was a little different, it felt like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes. It filled the void for me that Emerald left. I'm now in the process of trying to learn Firestorm because I know that eventually the V1 code will be very obsolete and anyone using it will be much like those still using the original LL 1.23. It's use is going to become more and more limited so I wanted to be familiar with Firestorm before I had to be. I know there are a number of popular V2 based viewers out there but since Firestorm is built by the same people that make Phoenix, the assumption is it will have all the features I've come to depend on. So, after all that, the short answer is for me, it's all about the features. Other people have a different short list of things that are important to them. And it drives me nuts when people make the argument that their viewer is best and everyone should use it. My advice is find one that fits you best and ignore your critics. Use what you like.
  8. All very odd... When I made my alt accounts last weekend I had payment info in my main account and one of my previous alt accounts. I used the same email address and all identical information when setting up the alt accounts. I chose the FREE option. I did not add payment information at the time I created the accounts, but I did add that information about a week later. And I used identical payment information to the other two accounts that have payment information. Oh and I never had to enter any code or confirm by email.
  9. Are you trying to use Firestorm? That happens to me on one of my computers when using Firestorm. My other computer is fine. Apparently there is some memory issue with Firestorm. Try a different viewer. See if you can get online with a different viewer. If it IS Firestorm and you CAN get on with a different viewer then join the inworld group for their support. I think there's some fix you can do. Even if it's not Firestorm I suggest trying a different viewer just to see if you can at least get on and then troubleshooting from there.
  10. How do you lose a sim? If you just never paid rent then the stuff was probably returned to your inventory. It's probably in your lost and found folder as a single object that looks like a broken box. You will need a very large sandbox to sort that out...
  11. The pic that the OP showed the charge was on the dashboard. Under account. And then account overview or something like that. Account summary... I have oldtimers. I can't remember... Even after doing it 7 times today. I need a brain transplant.
  12. Hey If you open your snapshot (it MUST be full perm to work) in V3 there is a button at the bottom of the photo to save it as tga. You'll have to open it in a photo program like gimp or photoshop to save it as jpg. Or you can save your snapshots directly to your computer when you take them. it's an option when you hit the snapshot button.
  13. Every single one of my accounts has the exact same information. Same email. Same payment info on file. I gave my correct name and address. Everything is identical. I have one premium account and 6 basic accounts, including the 2 that were made last weekend. All say free in the box where the OP's had a charge.
  14. Very odd. Like I said... I made 2 alt accounts last weekend. Both using the same email address as all my other accounts... (I have 7 in all). Both made the same day. Both say FREE. No idea why yours would charge and mine didn't.
  15. I don't know... I made 2 accounts last weekend. Both the same day. I used all the same info as my main... Same email address... Everything the same. No charges are on their accounts... Are you sure you didn't accidentally make them premium? I think premium comes up as the default choice when selecting accounts.
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