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  1. A long long time ago 😁 LL worked together with oculus to make sl vr ready and was building a new grid, Both turned out to be "not rewarding" Oculus sold their company and product to facebook / Meta and LL sold the new grid to ?? and that grid is/was on steam and you could access it with the quest 1 to 3. I did that, huge problem i had to stand the whole time lol otherwise i was crawling on the floor, realized that later and was wondering why does everybody think i am a noob ? And the still you nee a good laptop/desktop for steam also. But, that grid and a few other ones are maybe nice for creators builders as a hobby, but for social interactions its very dull. It all depends on what you want to do or like, you can go explore all posibillity's. But do get the quest if you can and do not forget those games/apps are not free either, but it is really really a lot of fun.☺️
  2. It will probably work that way, and maybe in the meantime somewhat easier, on any meta quest or oculus quest, oculus to meta is ust a namechange from Facebook / Meta. A VR headset is more or less an advanced mobile phone on your nose, using android/linusx as an operating system. For any windows based game/app you will need a really good desktop/gaming laptop to get it working on the quest or any other vr headset. That is because you will have to wireless or wired connect to that destop and load a few other apps before you can start any viewer. My opinion is it is not worth the trouble if you do not have a really really good desktop or laptop. And if you do, and you have played other games on that or if you have played quest games used quest apps you dont even want to anymore. Because that is so much more realistic than sl will ever be in the near future so why bother. So.....it will only work with a really good gaming desktop or laptop, not only ot the quest and....oculus/ Meta Go and Rift are abandoned, quest 1 almost also. It is a huge investement a gaming laptop, a quest 3, and some apps wich are not free and then the time investment and learn sideloading and so on......my opinion for what you get it is sooo not worth it. Sorry... >>Just get your new quest 3 because it is so much fun as it is and what you can do and play with it, see with it and forget about using it in sl.
  3. I am a newbe too but by editing shape or appearance in the top you can select if you are a male or a female..... I think it is editing shape but I am not sure.... I hope this helps !
  4. Well, it was only a few days ago I am still in this stage feeling like a total fool. I never heard of SL untill a galleryowner in SL asked us digital painters on a forum for entry's so I registered with the intention to visit that gallery. But to practise a little bit I went to Lovers Delight not knowing what to expect.... I could'nt move at all and did not know how to get out of there.... So I left myself there.... The next day I managed to get out and a very nice italian guy invited me to the titanic. The poor guy had to wait for more than half an hour for me to get there on the bridge where they are dancing. He asked me several times, where are you ? Well I was under the ship at the bottom of the sea... not able to get out.....a bit later, after I had walked around the whole ship he asked again. and I was standing for an elevator that did not work.... When I finally arrived I could not even follow hin in a straight line to the dancefloor and did not know how to dance, I still don't because nothing happens when I take the ball.....I still stand like a statue.... After I while he took me to a balcony where we would hold hands but I jumped over the railing and landed again on the bottom of the sea.. Ohhhh I felt so embarrased and did not know what to do.... His question again Where are you ? Sorry I did not mean to jump into the ocean..... After some time I discovered that I could fly.... so I flew up and saw him standing on the top deck still waiting.... After some time I managed to land nearby....but could not follow him again so he came back for me time after time....Untill I was finally there... there where a bottle of wine and some roses were waiting for us. But I had to finish that alone....because it took me too much time so he had to leave........ Isn't that romantic ??? So if you see a blond person making a total fool of herself it is probably me.......And I am still wishing I could learn how to dance....
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