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  1. Lnarra Raviprakash wrote: Dear Linden Labs, I currently have an SL account.. My Father, who is now in Hospice, does as well. How do I go about cancelling his account and recurring monthly charge once he has past? Dear Lnarra Unless you were wanting to actually take over your father's Second Life account after his death, I'd say you don't really need to do anything. At the sad point when anyone dies, once the next of kin takes over that person's bank accounts, the bank accounts freeze, all the automatic payments, direct debits, etc., freeze also. So if your father is currently unable to use his Second Life account and is not in a position to contact the bank himself to cancel the automatic payments, or to go onto the Second Life website himself, what is likely to happen, in the event of his death, those automatic payments to Linden Lab for his monthly charges just would not be made, and Linden Lab would send your father's contact email address a message after a while saying the account was to be suspended until payment was made. And that would be that. Tied up neatly. So really, in respect of your father's Second Life account, the best form of action is inaction.
  2. Asher Isodo wrote: I've been in SL for several years and over time I've made several alts. I have always tried to keep from using items; furnitures, houses, etc., from my different alts to keep from having to explain to anyone. I was just curious if any of you who have alts as well does this or does it matter to you? I'm finding recently I'm not so worried about it but was just curious how you handled it. I've made several alts over the years too, and because of your post, I realise that I have only ever bought and rezzed furniture as my main self, although the alts have done the actually browsing before buying part of furnishing the home I used to have.
  3. AlmaNina wrote: Do they just pick me & a few of my friends or is everyone getting ims from groups where a dude says "I saw you in this group" and you dont belong to that group and then he says "I saw you in this other group" then he asks personal questions including where I live even though I tell him not telling him that and he never asks my age even once. Is it possible this is a child predator if so how do I report that? or is it just a creeper who stalks everyone in sl, finds time to im them and makes up a group he belongs to as an excuse to talk to you? Is this a spammer or what? I am confused by it, I susect hes not just a random IM-er but I'm worried he has something unsavory in mind I mean just targetting girls whos profiles seem kinda youthful is that cuz hes after money or id theft. It just creeps me out and I wanted all of you to give me an opinion on how I should handle this? Sorry if it sounds confusing but not long it happened where he wouldnt go away with me, ,then a few of my friends, then a different guy with exactly the same questions and the same "I saw you in this group" line appears and bugs my friends in the amount of time I wasnt on sl. I dont know it just really freaked me out. I mean who says whats your address?! How many of you would say that to a stranger at all let alone one who you dont even know the age of? I find that really creepy. Sorry its just I never had something like this before. Welcome to Second Life Answers, AlmaNina I take everybody at face value, and if they send me an IM, I answer questions that are not too nosy and have made and kept a lot of friends along the way, BUT I have - like the other people who have replied already to your enquiry - had a few creeps contact me over the years. As a blond haired freckle-faced girl on this avatar, I would say I have attracted a few more creeps than on my main ginger-haired avatar, but they have been easily muted. However, if you are a child/young teen avatar and someone is addressing you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, make it very clear to them that you are a G-rated avatar, and if they persist, and if you feel they are a possible child predator, you may make use of the abuse report facility by clicking on "Help" at the top of your viewer's screen, and submit an abuse report for Linden Lab to assess. Remember to click the box on the abuse report form to show a screenshot, and have the chat window visible on screen. I have been asked many times for my address, and I give them a random sim name in Second Life.
  4. ChinRey wrote: Prokofy Neva wrote: Therefore I'm completely bewildered why LL has the little sion stall in Boardman as a Destination pick. Oh, is that for the Boardman stall? I didn't check, I just assumed it was to some previous larger store. It does still exist then but it does not actually meet the requirements for being listed in the Destination Guide at all. Speaking of something completely different: is Sion's Chicken the breedable a former LL CEO had some serious financial interest in? I think the breedables were always potentially very profitable, but they must have cost in l-a-a-a-g. Certainly in the early days of Sion chickens (and I loved Sion chickens so much that when we got overrun at Quincentival and decided to cull 90% of our 'boring' green ones), I felt really sad. I know (and knew) they weren't living and breathing creatures, but we'd given each one a name, and they all varied slightly in colour, but at that time they took up all our prims and kept falling off the platform and straying into the next sim somehow and dying at random, and it did used to cost a lot to feed them for so little in return. Addictive little blighters!
  5. Pamela Galli wrote: I swear, does LL care nothing for new user retention, or do no employees even understand what SL and how it works? have none of them ever been new in SL, wandering around in the emptiness alone? Very few, but then LL seem to have a very high turnover of staff, and I think these new ideas get shoved in by those with "new person enthusiasm", and while on the drawing board they might sound fabulous ideas, in practice, as we have all seen over many years, they just don't work. The Learning Island sims where currently the newest created residents first land in world is ultra-modern and shiny, and therefore looks very professional, and parts were fun. I have to admit that I found the section where we had to practice jumping from platform to platform quite annoying, because I was out of practice and using a strange computer, and I ended up feeling very frustrated at the bottom of the pit looking for the steps back up, until I realised I was an oldbie and actually could fly! (Truly new people of course did not learn to fly until a couple of stages after that). But as professional and shiny and low land impact and all of that these newest Learning Island sims are, they are also very cold and clinical, far from welcoming, and unless you are the type of person who encourages a real life friend to also create an avatar at the same day and time, its a very lonely experience and introduction to Second Life. And, even if someone does have a friend create an avatar at the same day and time, they are more than likely to arrive in world at a completely different Learning Island sim. I think by far the best idea Linden Lab had was those Greeter Island sims where avatars with the surname of Helper were visible and on hand to assist with newbies' problems, plus from what I remember, griefers were ejected very quickly, and they were very friendly sims. And there was that help button feature for a while on the viewers that any resident could just press and choose the option to teleport to a Greeter Island for help. Not being behind the scenes at Linden Lab, of course I don't know how truly successful they were, and maybe LL did not consider them a good financial investment (they were only open 10am to 6pm SL time), but I do think that they must have helped with retention figures.
  6. Lamont Rustamova wrote: Been IN game for a while now...longer than I care to admit at times...When a destination is SUGGESTED (in the DESTINATIONS GUIDE) perhaps placing an entry that is ONLY for NEW PEOPLE, is not the best. London Town - go to see the shopping that LL wants me to go see...only to be met with a greeting device, that asks that I leave, as I am TOO OLD for the sim. It goes on to explain that the location, that LL suggests, is ONLY for new people into the game. Never got that preferential treatment all those years ago, when I joined...actually, it used to be that NEW people weren't allowed off WELCOME ISLAND until they passed some "tests". youuuuuuu whipersnappers! *shakes a fist in LLs general direction* So rude of me not to welcome you to Second Life forums and to respond to your post - I replied to ChinRey's - but I was just so gobsmacked. I've not been able to log in to world for longer than a couple of minutes because of hardware problems. This week, however, I borrowed a friend's computer and had a pop in. Its a different world somehow, not for the better, and what you say about oldbies not being welcome in some places, that just leaves me shaking my head in dismay. I had a brand new avatar that I had not logged in with, and arrived in world at one of the Learning Islands. The initial orientation process for new residents is a lot of fun, but I kind of missed getting a torch stuck to my shoulder (!), and as the orientation only encouraged chatting to a parrot - if I wanted to - and did not encourage engaging in chat with other avatars on the sim, from the get go it makes Second Life seem quite a cold place. Then the next destination I was teleported to was full of a mix of lost souls and an opportunist who seemed to be laying in wait for a vulnerable-looking female (I was rather put off by the fact he was wearing a male appendage outside of his trousers when he said just "Hi" in IM). Lecherous rather than friendly and welcoming I'd say.
  7. ChinRey wrote: Here's the list of Hot Destinations, straight from the Firestorm startup screen, 7th February 2017 00:53 AM Now, taste matters of course. One of my personal all-time favorite sims is on the list and there are two places there I would strongly recommend any builders to visit and study. But I still can't shake this weird inexplicable feeling something's not quite right here. What do other people here think? The glaringly obvious thing that is just not quite right is the fact they all have "0 people" listed directly under their thumbnail. One of the things that new people grumble about the most is the feeling Second Life is a ghost town. And while visiting some stores is interesting, I think a lot of newbies want to first find their feet, get their bearings, make some friends, before having gadgets, gizmos, and things that cost thrust at them. Maybe the Destination Guide destinations are just chosen by random. Disheartening not only to new residents.
  8. AntonTrask wrote: Have patience with me, please. I don't do much with my computer besides Facebook and message boards. I don't usually download things that take up much space, just photos. Supposedly the stuff to make SL function downloaded, but who knows. I click on a "Destination" to go there, to check it out, my computer asks if I want to give the site access, I say yes, then nothing more happens. All this is obvious stuff to anyone who plays games on computer I suppose, but I don't. Please someone let me in on what I'm doing wrong. Welcome to Second Life Forums, Anton Did you actually download the Second Life client - the software that will allow you to log into Second Life world itself? If you are unsure, please scroll to the bottom of this page, and read along the black margin to the right hand side, and click on the option to "Download Second Life". It does take a fair few minutes to go through this process, and you will get the option to have an icon placed on your desktop screen, which will make it easier to log in, rather than from the website Destination guide (if that is what you were trying to do - forgive me please if I have misunderstood).
  9. SpeacialK wrote: i would like to change my name to specialk SpecialK might already be a taken name, and so unavailable. Is this your favourite breakfast cereal? At least with your unique misspelling, you won't be sued for copyright infringement. Follow Rolig's advice. Change your Display Name to whatever you would prefer to be called.
  10. Indigo Mertel wrote: Hello folks, the ERC group is going through a tier crisis and we are looking for donors. Can you please help spread the word? I have been contributing to the East River Community with large swaths of land at a considerable monthly cost for years. Many things have changed in my RL these past months and I am now in the sad position to inform you that I am no longer able to contribute to the community. I have procrastinated this decision for a long time because I was very uncomfortable with the idea of dilapidating all the hard work we all put into building our beautiful community. But, eventually, I had to come to a decision. We all want the East River Community to survive, so rather than just pulling the plug, I'll hold off for a limited time in order to find donors willing to donate tier to the group. To anyone willing to donate tier to the East River Community, please contact Indigo Mertel. Thank you. Indigo Mertel East River Community - founder Well they say if you don't ask, you don't get, and good luck with that. In my own experience though, there often comes a time when losses have to be cut and life taken in another direction. If subtley-placed donation boxes, and/or rentals, and gentle little asks in group notices, haven't brought in enough revenue, or even some ideas of how to raise some revenue without appearing to be begging (ie wedding venue, some pop-up exhibitions - forgive me if you already do all this, I am totally unfamiliar with East River and its community), then you may just have to call it a day. I still miss Apollo sim after all these years, and a relatively recent replica sim just did not have the same atmosphere. Be grateful for what you have had if you do have to close the doors and push the key through the letterbox.
  11. Alwin Alcott wrote: i think you should keep this out of SL, it's been a pretty safe place till now, this will divide people even more.. there is no real difference in beeing bitten by the dog or cat... both hurt. I think they should keep it in SL. For some of us non-USA citizens its interesting to see some proper USA opinions instead of being fed the crap the newspapers bollshut us with. Does Trump know what trump means in UK? I had a dinner lady called Mrs Trollope when I was at school and wasn't allowed to even mention her name at home because it was a rude word! To see Trump in big proud letters on his plane and his building and all is very amusing to us for whom fanny means a wholly different thing. Its the little things.
  12. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: With all of the unrest and division in the U.S. right now, who has lost friends and family members to this nightmare? I'm absolutely blown away by some people that I've known pretty much my entire life, this has really brought out peoples true colors. :smileysad: Sitting here in the United Kingdom, we're huddling closer together in my part of the country, partly as we laugh because you've got a bigger tosspot leading your country than we have, but partly in fear because TrumpTrousers has the same "charisma" as ... nope can't continue with that sentence. I haven't met anyone who admits to actually having voted for Trump, but then I haven't met anyone who actually voted for Cameron either. Its a shame if you've lost who you thought were good friends through a difference of opinion. No doubt when rulers have this "power" to divide communities, thats where they gain their strength. ***** On a lighter note, we have this iceberg lettuce shortage currently in Europe, but I bought a smashing iceberg that was imported from the good ol' U S of A in Tesco (other supermarkets are available) for 79p. Bigger than the Spanish iceberg lettuces, and really crunchy and magnificent, so worth the extra 39p.
  13. Haystacks are Xtacky :matte-motes-tongue:
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