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  1. Innula Zenovka wrote: Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: One little thing about RLV, as far as I know it has certain commands that rely on a viewer version message. Not sure if this is really that much different from Phoenix showing the viewer people use. Not quite. It has a couple of commands that will return the viewer version (@version and @versionnew) and @versionnum, which simply tells you what the rlv version number is (which is all you're interested in most of the time). All that's required is a simple and minor change to RLV/RLVa to make @version and @versionnew return the name (RLV
  2. @Galilieo It is not just about a DJ infringing copyright, because it is easy and widespread SL could be shut down the same way a bittorrent search engine can be shut down, because it harbors said copyright infringers. Currently, Copyright Law gives a lot of power to the industries that create the copyrighted material. Protect IP gives them not only an insane amount of power, but involves the government blocking websites by DNS, redirecting the URL to a Department of Justice takedown notice page, potentially damaging the core of the internet and also leaving the copyright infringer all but ha
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