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  1. http://www.outworldz.com/secondlife/posts/breedable-pet-robot/ Hope this helps.
  2. http://www.outworldz.com/secondlife/posts/breedable-pet-robot/
  3. My point exactly. You aren't going to take my word for it and frankly that is insulting
  4. I am not being aggressive. I have been stressed out of my mind for days just trying to get people to understand that this was not a glitch or anything that i'd done. How many times have people told me in these threads that it simply wasn't possible for someone to delete my objects? I don't know how she did it but she did. She was taking the objects inside and I don't think she needed to destroy the objects but she did. She even destroyed an innocent table that didn't contain any objects at all. Doesn't matter how irrational you think I am for suggesting that is what happened ... that is the reality. Who gave me explanations that accounted for the observations? If someone had access to my account they would take my money not delete a load of pixel wool and pixel bread!!!! Why would I ask her how she did it? I've never met her or spoken to her and I'm hardly likely to start now.
  5. They caught her!!! and yes I was defensive and I apologise for that but when anyone has anything like this happens why do other users turn on the person it happens to and try to find other explanations? I've been told that maybe I put 'crappy' scripts in my vendors to make them self destruct - really? What about the idea that someone hacked my account because i downloaded a dodgy viewer? Never happened! This was a destructive individual who sat at the edge of the sim for hours over several days destroying my work. She had been doing this on small scale for weeks before she started destroying the meshes! It's only because someone spotted her cam and her edit lines directed at items in my stall as they disappeared that she got caught. Finally it's over! Moving on ...
  6. I am so sorry that happened to you and glad you managed to keep positive and keep going.
  7. Ok I never said I understood copybots - I am not a crook and don't think about things that way. In-world , a couple of people who know more mentioned that an illegal viewer could do this.I am guessing these have more functions than just copybotting. I do use a couple of different viewers apart from the SL viewer .However these are both very widely supported in-world, downloads and updates from the main sites only;Singularity and FS. So no! I DO NOT think there is any coding in the back end of these that is giving away my account details. Here's something that none of the posters who are so anxious to shoot me down in flames have missed ... I have been on SL for nearly 5 years. I don't post a lot and I'm not especially whiney. Whatever is happening here is not my usual experience of SL and I wouldn't be posting if it was!!!!
  8. The group setting is a small group of careful people, all of who I have known for more than a couple of years and who don't go around destroying other people's stuff. Does that answer your question? As for buggy vendor scripts these are widely used and likely to be exactly the same as all the other vendors around me that didn't get vaped. Who is irrational? I never said the contents were taken - they are gone with the objects and cannot be replaced
  9. Hi Alwin, Can you outline a bit more about your own experience of being copybotted to make that clear?
  10. Hi Dres, I wasn't there when the items got trashed. I had 60+ vendors on one of the markets in-world. They had been in place working with no problems for over 1 month maybe 2 months. They are gone except for a couple where the scripts were deleted. LL have confirmed there was no inventory return by me. Two nights later another two were deleted. So it's malicious not accidental and sim rollback is not a possibility because others would lose even more than I did. The most important thing is to move forward, so I am splitting the thread- if you have experiences like this and can answer the questions where to look for copybotted items? How to be more proactive against the people who do this? We can keep this thread going for suggestions about what might have caused this
  11. Please reply to this thread if you can answer the following questions evidenced from your own experience. Where are copybotted items likely to turn up? links to sites outside SL would be welcome. What can users do to make the scammers lives as miserable as possible? I am think here of ways to lure them in and consume as much of their time and other resources as we can. Please don't reply to this thread if you have already been kind enough to reply to my earlier thread -What can users do about copybots?
  12. Indeed. I may have to post a new thread to get some answers
  13. I don't mind helpful suggestions when they actually help. Can we assume a couple of things here ... 1. I can read .... I've seen those messages around region restarts and I understand them just as well as you do. 2. When I say my objects were destroyed. That is what happened. I am not incompetent or making stuff up. Going back to the original post .... Where do we look for the copied items? How can we make life difficult for the scammers?
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