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  1. Uhre is a beautiful place to roleplay in medieval. Its mysterious and has many sims to play on. When you come you will want to live here like we do. Work is availabe to those whom wish to reside in the castle, plus there are paid chores too.

    You'll find me in Uhre- Dragon Reach when ever I am on. I will gladyly show you around and help you get started here in your new SL.

    Hope to see you soon


  2. Greetings SL community, looking for greatmedieval lands, with dragons, elves, wolves, witches, drow, ogres and many other creatures? Then Uhre is your best place in SL. Many sims to roleplay where you will see beautiful lands, magnificent castles people and creatures who fit these themed lands. Walk from one area to the next, no need to teleport. Kill or be eaten by the black dragon, this choice is yours. 

    Connecting lands around Uhre are also the same themes, making this the biggest medieval area you will find.

    Come take a look and experience a place like no other and if nothing else, make sure you come to our holiday festivities 22nd Dec in Uhre Dragon Reach starting at 5pm (SL time). Everyone is welcome (in medieval of course please)



    See you in Uhre soon


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